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Environmental Engineering Technician 1 (Seasonal)

Avon NY

The NY Department of Environmental Conservation is seeking an Environmental Engineering Technician 1 (Seasonal).


Minimum Qualifications 1. Four years of experience performing engineering technician work in aeronautical, chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, mechanical or sanitary engineering technology; environmental technology; or as a suveryor or drafter;


2. Graduation for high school (or possession of a high school equivalency diploma issued by a recognized education authority or a USAFI GED diploma high school level) AND one year of the experience described in option 1 above;


3. Graduation from a high school technical education program in technical aeronautics, technical architectural drafting and building construction; technical chemistry, industrial chemistry, technical electricity/electronics, technical mechanical design and construction, technical structural drafting and design, technical instrumentation and control systems or computer circuitry;


4. Eighteen college semester credit hours in any combination of the following courses: engineering; such as civil, chemical, electrical, mechanical, aeronautical, and/or sanitary; public health; environmental and/or engineering technology; drafting; mathematics; surveying; computer science, environmental science; and/or the natural and physical sciences.

YOU MUST SUBMIT A LIST OF QUALIFYING COURSES WITH YOUR APPLICATION. Include the course title, number of semester credit hours per course, name of college or university and date (or expected date) of completion. Applications submitted without a list of relevant courses will be disapproved.


Duties Description

1) EQUIS data management: assist in data quality review for program generated data and data being submitted by responsible parties, volunteers, and municipalities to improve acceptance and assess quality of data generated in remedial programs.

2) Inspections/Field Oversight – Assist staff with field oversight for BCP, ERP and HWR Projects and provide regular job status updates to the project manager. Inspect sites for periodic review and report results to project manager. Assist staff in conducting inspections at both Petroleum and Chemical Bulk Storage Facilities. Assist in preparing and issuing Notices of Violation (NOV’s) where appropriate.

3) Electronic Filing – assist staff in conversion of hard copy files to electronic format, improve system for separately maintaining hard copy files once e-copies are completed, assist in FOIL copying.

4) Assist staff with historic review of new BCP applications, sites proposed for registry listing and sites referred by municipalities for remediation or redevelopment options including ownership and RCRA information, past spills reports, SPDES and Air program inspections that may provide insight into past operations. This will be particularly important as we are losing another project manager to retirement. Two previous positions were lost to a layoff and a transfer to another Division.

5) Assist staff in special projects including GIS mapping projects, database links to GIS layers and database maintenance, work plan reviews, quality control plans, Citizen Participation Plans, and file management.

6) Assist staff in taking spill reports, maintaining and tracking equipment inventory, low priority Spill closure and vehicle maintenance. Assist in updating contingency plans. Fieldwork at spill sites as appropriate.


Additional Comments Must have valid driver’s license or demonstrate the ability to meet the transportation needs of the position. Use of personal protection equipment, including a respirator, will be required. Must be able to negotiate difficult terrain and/or work in remote areas. Must be able to work in adverse weather conditions. Travel may be required. Must complete an annual Health and Safety Program including medical monitoring, fit testing, and 40 (or 8) hour OSHA HAZWOPER certification.

Preferred candidates will currently have been trained in 40 hour OSHA hazardous waste site operations.


This is a seasonal, hourly appointment with an anticipated end date of 3/31/19.



Megan Miller

Telephone 518-402-9273

Fax 518-402-9038

Email Address PostingResponses@dec.ny.gov

Street 625 Broadway

Albany,  NY 12233


Notes on Applying:

Email/mail your resume to the above. Be sure to put (18-350) on your resume and also in the subject line of your email or it may not be accepted. You must submit a copy of your college transcript of qualifying courses with your resume. An unofficial copy is acceptable.

If qualified based on college credit, you must include college transcript.

Posted July 11, 2018

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