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Climate Stewards Initiative Academic Coordinator II

Berkeley  CA

This position is headquartered in Berkeley, CA; however, options also include Davis, San Mateo, Irvine, Los Angeles or San Diego.

UC is seeking a self-directed leader in the field of climate change communication and education to launch a new education and service initiative with a diverse range of partner organizations in an effort to advance community and ecosystem resilience as outlined in the Climate Stewards Initiative (CSI) strategic plan (see http://calnat.ucanr.edu/cs/). This is a unique academic position for someone who wants to make a difference and to be part of a creative team who make up the UC California Naturalist Program (CalNat), UC Cooperative Extension, UCANR. Building on the infrastructure and network at CalNat, we envision that CSI will address the demand for training related to learning and communicating locally relevant climate science and help communities become more resilient to climate change.

The candidate should demonstrate experience in science communication, education, and public engagement; coupled with content knowledge, communication and interpersonal skills, and program development and management capabilities. The Academic Coordinator will lead the effort to build partnerships consistent with the initiative’s collective impact framework, collaboratively develop the core curriculum, oversee the pilot testing of the program, ensure proper evaluation, and further develop funding sources to help sustain the effort.

The academic coordinator position is a two-year renewable term appointment. Performance in this position is evaluated annually with merit actions being evaluated every two years. Upon completion of a successful review, you may be reappointed for another definite term. Our intention with this definite term appointment is to reappoint based on positive performance reviews, the continuing need for the position, and funding availability. In the future, this position may be responsible for identifying funding to support salary and benefits.

For full interview consideration, complete application packets are due no later than Monday, October 15, 2018 from candidates who, by the hire date, will possess at least a master’s degree in disciplines such as, Science Communication/Journalism, Education, Sustainability, Environmental Science, Geography, Atmospheric Science or other interdisciplinary program.

All application packets must be submitted via e-mail to ANRacademicsearch@ucanr.edu

The position vacancy announcement including how to apply can be found at: http://ucanr.edu/jobFiles/1432.pdf

Please contact Soo Hsieh and refer to AP # 18-09, to answer any questions related to this search at (530) 750-1285 or syhan@ucanr.edu.


Posted September 13, 2018

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