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Environmental Compliance Coordinator

Mt. Storm WV

At Dominion Energy we love our jobs. That’s right. Love. Every day we go to work filled with passion to be excellent, to creatively problem solve and to innovate. These are exciting days for energy companies, and Dominion Energy aims to shape the future of energy in America. We are looking at all of our work with fresh eyes, retooling everything we do, in every part of the company, to operate more sustainably and to deliver energy more reliably than ever. We are looking for interesting, independent thinkers and doers who can help shape the culture of a forward-looking company that’s proud of its rich legacy. Are you a change agent? Do you think differently? Do you want to fall in love with your job? If you answered “yes,” then read on!

At this time, Dominion Energy cannot transfer nor sponsor a work visa for this position.


Job Summary

Dominion Energy is looking for an Environmental Compliance Coordinator to join its team at their Mt. Storm Power Station, Mt. Storm, WV. The Power Station is located close to the Cannan Valley and Blackwater State Parks that offer many activities during the various seasons. This position ensures company compliance, at a specific location, with environmental, chemical, waste management, and permit regulations. The successful candidate will:

Be responsible for safe and efficient operation of the work site, to comply with regulatory and company standards and procedures.

Serves as liaison with external and governmental agencies.

Coordinates with and monitors operations and maintenance personnel, to ensure site compliance with environmental, chemical safety, waste management, and wildlife management rules and regulations.

Inspects or assesses, and provides recommendations regarding compliance issues to management.

Analyzes data, and prepares management reports on environmental compliance or safety records.

Serves as primary site coordinator with internal department and external agencies on environmental, safety or chemical management issues.

Serves as contact with community to resolve complaints or problems.

Procures services or materials for the administration and implementation of environmental and safety programs.

Coordinates hazardous waste disposal.

Provides training to site personnel in handling of chemicals and waste materials, and for other procedural requirements.

Evaluates new regulations and coordiinates compliance plan.


Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Experience

Requirements: Associate's degree plus 4 years relevant environmental experience or Bachelor's degree plus at least 2 years relevant environmental experience.

Knowledge of related environmental regulations and applicable environmental requirements.

Ability to develop, implement and administer complex environmental compliace plans

Ability to interpret and/or apply environmental requirements to company operations and translate regulatory reglations, permit and plan requirements into understandable compliance guidance.

Ability to prepare and/or review compliance and reglatory documents and reports.

Excellent written and oral communication skills including public speaking skills.

Analytical and record keeping skills

Strong computer skills (Microsoft Office, to include Word, Excel and Power Point)

Organizational skills and time management skills.

Abiility to work independently and in field environments


Education Requirements

Education Level: Degree or an equivalent combination of education and demonstrated related experience may be accepted in lieu of preferred level of education: Associate, Bachelor, Disciplines:


Preferred: Environmental Science, Environmental Techmology, Science


Other Education: Science, Technical, Environmental


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Posted September 10, 2019

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