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Park Naturalist II

Brandywine MD

Job Number: 14867

Closing: 12/16/2019 11:59 PM Eastern



Within this role you will primarily work in a new large multi-gernerational state of the art facility called Southern Area Aquatics and Recreational Complex (SAARC) in Brandywine Maryland. You will be developing and leading environmental education classes, programs and activities. This will be a very independent role requiring the candidate to have strong organizational and programming background along with the ability to work with people of all ages and backgrounds. In addition, you will serve other specialized community centers with programming support and with Departmental outreach efforts during special events, and other related activities. Candidate must be open to working weekends and some evenings. Under general direction, applies specialized knowledge of natural, life and physical sciences to develop and present interpretive, recreational and educational programs in natural and cultural history to the public. Park Naturalist II's develop programs relating to natural and cultural history that typically require specialized scientific knowledge of a subject or area, cover large or extensive areas containing many different elements, and plan and carry out special projects or events involving considerable coordination of other entities within or outside of the Commission. As a specialist, Park Naturalist II's are expected to become expert in a naturalist field or subject through original research and field studies; such expertise being evidenced in the depth and thoroughness of the programs they develop, the extent to which their expertise is utilized by community groups, and the reputations they establish as regional or national experts in a subject. As a senior generalist, Park Naturalist II's utilize the full range of methods and techniques in the development of programs of large scope, typically covering many different aspects of a subject. Park Naturalist II's provide leadership to other staff in developing and presenting programs, and in planning and coordinating events and activities with other Commission units and staffs, with other governmental entities, and with community organizations. Workers receive assignments on a project basis, often of several months duration, and proceed independently to complete all aspects of the assignment, resolving most problems encountered on their own. Work is reviewed by facility/program managers on the basis of technical adequacy and achievement of program objectives. Performs other related duties as assigned.


Examples of Important Duties

1. Develop and conduct specialized programs and activities that will be held at SAARC relating to natural and cultural history.

2. Work closely with the SAARC Facility Manager to assist with operations and management as requested.

3. Organize and facilitate field trips and outings with a focus on environmental, cultural and learning experiences.

4. Administer and plan on-site in-depth scientific projects and activities for the participants of all ages.

5. Periodically support special events by hosting an environmental and nature table.

6. Supervise and direct staff as assigned.

7. Attend and serve on boards, committees and task forces as content expert for the environment and nature.

8. Operate a full range of vehicles and equipment (i.e. trucks, buses, chain saw, power tools).

9. Respond to internal and external calls on the environment, wildlife and programs.

10. Purchase and care for select animals and fish tanks using best practices.

11. Conduct formal presentations both internally and externally.

12. Be CPR, First Aid, and AED certified within 3-months of employment.

13. Oversee, recruit and direct volunteers groups.

14. Largely work independently on a broad work program with measurable outcomes.

15. Wear an assigned Park Naturalist uniform following the dress code at all times.

16. Set standards for security and safety procedures for programs, activities and operations.

17. Prepare documents for education and marketing purposes.

18. Follow established procedures for procurement needs.

19. Manage a designated budget for SAARC and other specialized outreach efforts.

20. Obtain bids and quotes to procure materials and services.

21. Use Department software programs (i.e. RecTrac, EAM, Lawson, AOS) and MS Office Suite.


Salary range for this position is $54, 066.00 - $64,649.00 annually.


Minimum Qualifications

1. Bachelor's degree in natural, life, physical science, or related field; and three years of progressively responsible park naturalist experience; or

2. An equivalent combination of education and experience.


Supplemental Information

Important Worker Characteristics: Expert knowledge of a specialty area or extensive knowledge of: (1) naturalist subject matter and related natural, life, or physical sciences involved in the subject. Good Knowledge of: (1) natural, life and physical science; (2) environmental science; (3) principles and practices of interpreting natural history and culture to the public; (4) effective instructional methods and techniques; (5) natural resources management; (6) CPR and first aid; (7) Commission organization, policies and procedures*. Ability to (1) provide expert knowledge of a subject matter or area in the development of interpretative programs; (2) provide technical resources and program leadership to environmental, nature, and wildlife groups within the community; (3) provide expertise in a subject matter or naturalist area to other governmental entities; (4) plan, develop, lead and present programs of large and extensive scope: (5) coordinate effectively with other entities, staffs and units within the Commission and the community in planning and carry out programs, events and activities; (6) communicate effectively with the staff and the public; (7) write clearly, effectively, and concisely; (8) interpret technical natural and cultural history materials to lay persons; (9) provide courteous services; (10) organize work efficiently; and (11) develop program promotional advertising material.

*Developed primarily after employment in this job class.


Working Conditions: Works in indoor and outdoor settings; works scheduled weekends, evenings, and holidays; and, exposed to inclement weather and outdoor hazards.




Posted November 7, 2019

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