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Special Projects Forester - Operational

Las Vegas NV

Job ID: 112046


Nevada Energy, Mineral and Natural Resources Department is seeking a Special Projects Forester - Operational.

Interviews are anticipated to be conducted within two weeks of closing date.

This posting will be used to conduct ongoing recruitment and will remain open until position has been filled.


Why does the job exist?

To manage and coordinate the special forestry related projects and programs within the Las Vegas district, which include the following: Stewardship program, Urban Forestry Program, Tree Farm Program, Seedling program, along with providing technical forestry assistance for landowners to private landowners in the management of their forest resources to meet their goals and objectives which may include improving forest health, big game habitat, income generation and forest and watershed restoration. Writes Forest Stewardship Management plans and harvest prescriptions, inspects commercial timber harvests for compliance with state regulations; administers cost-share programs; conducts forest insect and disease assessments, public workshops, educational presentations and training's; provides other agencies with technical forestry assistance and supports all division programs. This position will also assist with the administration of the State Invasive Plants program.


How does it get done?

Coordinate and Manage Forest Stewardship Program by providing resource protection and guidance in Forest Management to cooperators while helping to administer the Stewardship Program for the District. Meet with landowners to initiate and follow up on stewardship practices, close all cost-share thinning projects that have been completed and have meet all project requirements specified in the management plan and practice plan for the property and develop and present environmental education programs.

Coordinate and Manage Special Projects within the district including the NM Forestry Seedling program, implement an education and information program utilizing the Demonstration Forest for the district, promote tree care and management of the Urban Forest and assist in establishing City Tree Boards and write assessments to help communities develop short and long-term goals to improve the quality of their urban forest.

Support District Fire Program by assisting with District Fire Emergencies by acquire training to advance current fire qualifications. Complete task book(s) in desired fire qualifications areas or those areas as directed by District Forester and need of the District and or Division.

Assist District Timber Management Officer with the harvesting workload by reviewing applications for timber sales, and inspect timber sales as needed, promote the Re-Leaf Program and program manager as needed. Inspect tree farms currently certified and recruit potential tree farmers into the program. Write new management plans for those beginning the program, and update existing management plans for certified tree farms. Keep tree farmers informed of new stewardship practices and funding, as well as tax incentives.


Who are the customers?

Primary customers are private landowners, cooperating State and Federal and natural resource management agencies and other non-federal landowners such as local governments.


Ideal Candidate

1. Exceptional leadership and management skills with the ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.

2. Experience with grants, administration, implementation and reporting requirements.

3. Knowledge of forestry practices, inventory methods, stewardship plans, forest management plans and harvesting and ecological monitoring and restoration methods to include fuel reduction, thinning, timber harvest and ecosystem management.

4. Willing to promote cross collaborative landscape scale forest and watershed treatment and restoration across multiple jurisdictions, landowner ship and political boundaries.


Minimum Qualification

Bachelor's degree in Forestry, Range Management, Forest Management, Natural Resources, Wildlife Science, Fire Science and/or Ecology and one (1) year of experience in Forestry, Range Management, Forest Management, Natural Resources, Wildlife Science, Fire Science or Ecology. Five (5) years of active duty service in the Armed Forces will substitute for the required education and experience. Substitutions Apply.


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Posted May 22, 2020

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