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Wildlife Manager

Various Locations WV

Under limited supervision, at the full-performance level performs a variety of services in relation to the fish and game programs of the State of West Virginia. Responsible for managing public hunting and fishing areas, assisting in game and fish surveys, transplanting fish and game, and trapping animals. Supervises small groups on specific projects. A supervisor reviews records and reports of work accomplished. Responsible for public contact and explaining DNR programs related to the area of assignment.

VERY IMPORTANT: This announcement is not for a specific current vacancy. We are building a list of qualified and tested applicants for possible future vacancies. These may occur in various locations. If you qualify and desire specific information about current recruitment plans or openings contact the Division of Natural Resources directly. Web Site:

How to Apply: APPLY ONLINE. If you require a paper application due to disability, please call our office (304) 558-3950 ext. 0 for special instructions.

You should NOT re-apply for this announcement as long as your application is active (12 months). Multiple applications will NOT increase your chance for an interview.

If you have previously applied and want to update your name, address or email, do not re-apply. Simply login to your online account and click "My Account". Make changes and Save. We always use your account contact information for notifications. You never need to notify us of contact information changes.

Make sure your application is complete. You may attach a resume and other documents; however, you should NEVER enter "See Resume" on the application. You MUST complete ALL parts of the application, including the Work Experience section.

If you must make changes or additions to your Education, Work Experience, work preferences, or county availability AFTER submitting your application, you may submit an updated online application after 90days. We will delete all previous applications for this job and use the most recent application. Any required education transcripts and license verification documents may be attached to the online application (preferred) or mailed to us.

NOTE: Jobs on your application that do not have a monthly salary amount will be considered unpaid and will NOT be counted as qualifying. Estimate salary if necessary. Do not enter any dollar signs ($) or commas.



Training: Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a major in wildlife or fisheries biology.

Substitution: An Associate degree in wildlife or fisheries biology plus two years of full-time or part-time equivalent paid experience in the field of natural resources.

NOTICE: If you are claiming college or other post-high school education or license, you MUST attach or provide by mail a legible copy of your OFFICIAL education transcript, license or training record. You will not be considered for employment until this verification has been received. To avoid missing a job opportunity, it is important that you provide this verification as soon as possible. You only have to provide this verification one time. It is not required with every application. Attach documents to the online application, or mail to: Division of Personnel, 1900 Kanawha Blvd E., Charleston, WV 25305.



Note: This announcement is not for a specific job vacancy. It is intended to build a list of applicants for possible future vacancies.




Posted June 9, 2017

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