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Sustainable Forestry Corpsmember

Durango CO

Dates: August 28th, 2017 – November 17th, 2017

Description: Full Time, Temporary, Residential Program for the fall.

Living Stipend: $275/week

Benefits: Wilderness First Aid Certificate through Desert Mountain Medicine, Saw crews receive a Southwest Conservation Corps Chainsaw training. Food and personal protective equipment provided for work time.

AmeriCorps Award: AmeriCorps members are eligible for an AmeriCorps education award upon successful completion of the program of $1,527.

Ages: Typically 18-25

Requirements: Must be a US Citizen


Required Skills


Each crew consists of 6 members and 2 leaders. Crews work and camp for 9 days at a time in front country and back country locations in all types of weather conditions. Schedules may vary but generally are 9 days on and 5 days off. Half hitches (5 days on, 2 days off) are also possible. Crews camp the entirety of the 9 days on throughout the entire season. Housing is not provided by SCC for the 5 days off. SCC crews work in a variety of national forests, national parks, and on other public lands throughout the Southwest. Crews prepare all their own meals and work together as a group to complete all the necessary camp chores. Saw crews will be receiving a five day SCC Chainsaw Training. Projects can include a variety of work, from Invasive species removal, forest fire mitigation, tree planting, and herbicide use.

All crews will go through a 5 day volunteer orientation (August 28th - September 1st). This will include a Wilderness First Aid training and food is provided. Crews will attend a 5 day chainsaw training the following Monday.

Our programs focus on place based learning, life skills development, conservation service work, appreciation of diversity, civic responsibility, and career development. SCC also provides an opportunity for Corps members to learn about the local environment, environmental issues, and get introductions to recreation and resource management careers.


General Qualifications

Commitment – AmeriCorps members must make a strong commitment to complete all aspects of the program including conservation projects, education, training and national service.  Members must commit to participating in all crew activities, including service days in local communities.

Safety -You will be expected to have a serious attitude toward safety all day and every day.

Professionalism – AmeriCorps members must be willing to appropriately represent the SCC Program and AmeriCorps.

Teamwork – AmeriCorps members must be willing to work hard and participate as part of a team.

Technology – The use of technology, including cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, and other battery powered devices is not allowed during all work, chore, group and meal times, as well as during de-rigs and rig-up.  Corps members must agree that they will not use these types of technology while participating in these activities and realize that technology use is strictly regulated by SCC policy and by SCC staff and crew leaders.

Substance Free – In accordance to a drug free workplace, alcohol, tobacco and drugs are prohibited while participating in AmeriCorps and SCC activities and while on SCC property.

Fitness – AmeriCorps members are expected to complete projects that involve heavy lifting, hiking, and living outdoors for an extended period of time.


Required Experience:

Participant Essential Eligibility Requirements

Essential eligibility requirements for the program must be met. If you are unable to meet certain requirements, we may be able to assist you with some modification unless it alters the fundamental nature of the program, compromises the health and safety of participants or staff, or places an undue financial or administrative burden on the organization. These requirements are written the same for all positions and therefore may not apply directly to your particular position.


Participation and Expedition Behavior

Work effectively as a member of a team despite potentially stressful and difficult conditions. This may require problem solving on an interpersonal or group level as well as a willingness to accept differences.

Contribute to a safe learning environment; no harassment of others for any reason.

Willingness and ability to complete all aspects of the program including conservation projects, education, training and national service.  Members must commit to participating in all crew/team activities, including service days in local communities where applicable.

Effectively communicate ideas and concerns as they arise directly to supervisors, colleagues and organization staff.

Have the cognitive ability to learn necessary skills and apply them to effectively carry out the service work requirements.

Appropriately represent the Program and AmeriCorps to the public and project partners at all times.


Safety and Judgment

Effectively communicate danger to others in the form of either a warning of danger others may be encountering or a notification of personal distress, injury or need for assistance. You must be able to do so at a distance of up to 50 meters and in conditions with limited visibility or loud background noise such as darkness or high winds.

Effectively perceive, understand and follow direction by others so that you will be able to successfully execute appropriate and perhaps unfamiliar techniques to manage hazards. These directions may be given before the hazard is encountered or may need to be given during exposure to the hazard.

Stay alert and focused for several hours at a time while traveling and working in varied weather conditions

Perceive and comprehend significant and apparent hazards, including those hazards previously identified by others.

Respond appropriately to stress or crises.


Substance Free

In accordance to a drug free workplace, alcohol and drugs are prohibited while participating in AmeriCorps and program activities and while on organization property.


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Posted August 9, 2017

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