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Natural Resources Director

Tokeland WA

SUMMARY: Performs a variety of complex management and administrative functions to manage, protect, preserve and enhance Tribal natural resources. Plans, directs, and coordinates activities of staff involved in developing procedures, equipment, and techniques to solve environmental problems by performing the following duties personally or through subordinate supervisors:

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Develops, establishes and meets Natural Resource Department short term and long term goals and objectives. Develops and implements associated work plans and procedures.

Secure and manages Natural Resource Department Grants, Contracts and MOA’s.

Ensures clear and effective policies and regulatory administration and compliance procedures.

Represents the Natural Resources Department programs to other governmental and non-governmental agencies, organizations, Tribes, staff and the general public.

Develops and maintains records, reports and documents related to program activities, resource inventories and management data.

Prepares environmental project feasibility and progress reports.

Reviews technical aspects, including quality assurance (QA), of projects. Reviews project operations to ensure coordination of efforts and timely submission of reports.

Analyzes reports to evaluate program effectiveness and budgetary needs.

Approves expenditures necessary for completion of project.

Coordinates planning, monitoring, and operating phases to complete project.

Confers with local regulatory agencies to discover local environmental quality standards, industrial practices, and new developments in pollution abatement.

Provides technical assistance to agencies conducting related environmental studies.

Develops and implements budgets for program projects.

Monitors expenditures to remain within established budgetary constraints.

Ensures that the CEO/Tribal Administrator and Tribal Council have the information and assistance necessary to assess and respond to the actions or decisions of other public, private or special interest groups which might affect the Tribe’s management of natural resources.

Keeps the CEO/Tribal Administrator and Tribal Council informed of program progress, plans and priorities, needs and issues. Submits reports as directed.

Works cooperatively with all other Departments.

Maintain confidentiality of all privileged information.

Other duties may be assigned.


Complete all information on the employment application, found on Human Resources page.

Job Description



Application: The Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe Application for Employment form must be used. A separate application is required for each position you are applying for.

Accuracy: ALL questions must be answered completely and accurately. You may be disqualified for any false or misleading statements or for omitting information.

License: If the position requires a license or certification, list the name of the license or certification and the expiration date.

Resume: A resume will not be accepted in lieu of an application. To write "see resume" on your application is not acceptable. A resume is required as a part of your application packet.

Signature: Your signature is required. If the application is not signed, it may be disqualified.


Application packet shall compose of the following:

1. Cover Letter

2. Application for Employment

3. Resume




Mail: HR Department

Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe

PO Box 130

Tokeland, WA 98590

Applications also available with Receptionist

Posted November 9, 2017

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