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Ecoligical Landscape Designer

Harrisonburg VA

The Natural Garden, an ecological landscaping, native plant nursery, and habitat restoration company, is seeking an experienced, hard-working designer-project manager to join our team.

We are a company that values respect, integrity, accountability and collaboration. We seek to foster strong relationships among team members and create a culture where everyone feels valued and connected.


Job Responsibilities: Landscape Design

- Manage design projects from start to completion: from initial client contact through follow-up service and maintenance.

- Meet with interested customers, develop design and installation estimates, and present estimates to clients.

- Survey sites & design innovative projects with plants native to the Shenandoah Valley.

- Use plans, photographs, writing, and sketches to communicate designs to clients.

- Learn The Natural Garden’s design principles and ethos while bringing new solutions for ecological design.

- Work seasonal schedules to meet deadlines as needed: 37-42 hours a week winter, 42-48 hours spring through fall.


Job Responsibilities: Field Manager

- Collaborate with other designers to manage schedules and create successful projects.

- Managing field crew, project budget, project reporting, all project timeframes, procurement, organization, and client communication.

- Training, scheduling, helping them work to pace, ensuring high quality techniques and practices, setting a tone for positive attitudes, and being able to address any problems in a direct, but tactful way.

- Apply completed design to layout on site and lead planting projects.

- Provide positive leadership and goal-setting for the field team.

- Do mild to intense physical labor while delivering high value projects.


Competencies & Experience Required:

- 3-5+ years of experience in native plant landscape design and/or landscape installation management with crew leadership experience. A person with 2 years of experience may be considered if they are able to meet our performance requirements.

- Extensive knowledge of sustainable landscaping and growing practices, landscape maintenance, native plants and their cultural requirements.

- Artistic ability to hand draft and render designs.

- Thorough understanding of landscape construction and experience with project estimates.

- Ability to perform vigorous physical activity, lifting, raking, shoveling, and kneeling.

- Be proficient with Word, Excel and PowerPoint and familiarity with Adobe Design Suite.



Candidates interested in this position should provide a resume, portfolio, three relevant work references, and request an application by contacting Maya Hawthorn: To learn more go to or visit The Natural Garden on Facebook.

Posted January 30, 2018

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