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Natural Resources Program Manager 2

Various Locations WV

Job Number: 9947C



Continuous Recruitment, Statewide: The DOP anticipates several vacancies in the near future for this classification. This recruitment is not for a specific vacancy but to generate a pool of interested applicants. This classification has positions in every area of the state and works exclusively for the Division of Natural Resources. Make sure you mark in your county selection any county you would be willing to work in or commute to so you can be placed on the proper register.


Nature of Work:

Under administrative direction, performs professional and expert tasks at the managerial level. Serves as the administrative manager of a formally designated statewide natural resources program under direction of an Environmental Program Administrator and as may be outlined by state code. Exercises independent judgment in execution of duties within jurisdiction. Exercises delegated authority to staff organizational unit to pursue goals through orderly and efficient planning, directing and controlling of activities where objectives, operations and statutory requirements are of a specific program of singular scope and require specialized knowledge of the methodology of the technical field. Work requires analysis and interpretation of scientific or technical theory and principles; professional practices; agency philosophy, operational policies and regulations; and knowledge of a specific field where situations may be atypical or precedent setting. Functions as the agency representative to local, state and federal agencies and non-governmental organizations via acting in agency's behalf on resource mitigation, conservation and management cooperative activities. Supervises professional and technical staff. Work is reviewed primarily for results obtained; timeliness; compliance with laws, rules, regulations, procedures and policies. Approves scientific and technical reports and recommendations on administrative and wildlife management issues. Serves on the board of regional or national professional organizations as well as provides expert testimony at legislative, judicial or public hearings on administrative and wildlife related issues. Interacts with the public to provide agency position and goals on wildlife resources section projects and programs. Performs related work as required.


Distinguishing Characteristics:

These positions are distinguished from the Natural Resources Program Manager 1 as these positions direct the operations of an organizational unit identified as a statewide program. Work requires knowledge of managerial, professional and scientific theory and principles of an environmental specialty area. Operational policy and procedures are administered at agency-level and may be in concurrence with other state and federal compliance requirements. Exercises latitude in determining work procedures and priorities. Advises and makes recommendations regarding program policies, rules, regulations and procedures. Includes supervision of a limited variety of technical or professional support staff. Functions as the agency representative to local, state and federal agencies and non-governmental organizations by acting on agency's behalf on grant, resource mitigation and resource conservation and management cooperative activities. Reports directly to the Environmental Program Administrator.



Master of Science degree from an accredited college or university with a major in wildlife or fisheries biology, fish culture, conservation biology, natural resources, aquatic biology, botany, biological sciences or environmental sciences.


Six years of full-time or equivalent part-time paid experience in wildlife, fishery management or related fields, two years of which must have been in a supervisory, administrative or professional capacity.



Examples of Work:

Administers a statewide natural resources program consistent with state policy and accepted principles.

Supervises staff of organizational unit to effect orderly and efficient operations.

Recommends for agency's head approval legislation and administrative procedures as necessary to maintain conservation activities consistent with current needs and fluctuating circumstance.

Chairs meeting, delivers speeches; writes articles and disseminates other informational materials to explain conservation principles and acquaint public and private organizations with mission, policies, regulations; details impact on activities; and encourages cooperation and support.

Prepares, reviews and approves budgets and/or grant documents and approves expenditures.

Plans, organizes, implements, monitors and controls activities of unit's professional staff.

Recommends, for agency head approval, legislation and administrative procedures as necessary to maintain natural conservation activities consistent with current needs and circumstances.

Coordinates plans and programs of the section with functions and services of other divisions, offices and activities of local, state, interstate and federal government entities, interested parties and seeks agreement to resolve problems and/or establish common goals.

Disseminates informational materials to explain natural conservation principles and acquaint public and private organizations with agency's mission and policies by detailing potential impact on natural resources and encouraging cooperation and support.

Provides expert testimony at legislative, judicial or public hearings on behalf of the agency.

Reviews and approves documents including descriptions of status, current practices, mitigation procedures and progress reports regarding natural resource conservation, utilization and recovery.

Develops and implements informational plans to advertise, promote and publicize state natural resources and conservation, preservation and use activities consistent with state plan.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of principles and practices of the natural resources sufficient to evaluate a range of unusual or atypical applications.

Knowledge of relevant local, state and federal legislation, governmental relationships, organizational structure and protocols and state legislative processes and judicial procedures as they relate to program.

Ability to implement principles and practices of management including planning, budgeting and staffing, training and record keeping.

Ability to review technical and statistical data and recommend appropriate action based on results obtained.

Ability to present and defend policies where dissention or opposing views may occur and agreement or compromise are desired.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

Ability to exercise independent judgment, delegate authority and evaluate the results of work.

Ability to review and submit recommendations relevant to proposed new or modified legislation.

Ability to follow verbal and written instructions, exercise sound judgment and work under limited supervision.

Ability to comprehend and interpret theory, principles, laws and regulations, policies and objectives of a scientific/technical concern.

Ability to evaluate operational activities and emerging technology to develop plans for implementing objectives or recommending administrative or policy decisions.

Ability to keep accurate records, write reports in a clear, concise form and present factual material and ideas effectively.


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Posted March 9, 2018

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