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Senior Water Conservation Analyst

West Palm Beach FL

Job Description

The Water Supply Development Section seeks a senior level professional responsible for managing water conservation activities in the District.

Activities and responsibilities include: implementation and maintenance of an active and effective water conservation program for the District; serves as a liaison between the District and various agencies and other public and private groups; monitors the program for effectiveness and recommends necessary changes or modifications; coordinates implementation of water management measures that would affect other District programs, policies or rules; and works with the Public Affairs Division in communicating the goals and objectives of the water conservation program to the general public and other water users and soliciting their support and participation in the program. Participates in the regional water supply planning process including attending meetings, developing water conservation savings estimates and writing of conservation related documents.

Additional responsibilities include: Developing partnerships and effective working relationships with water utilities and local and state agencies including other water management districts and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection; representing the District at public forums and delivering public presentations; demonstrating knowledge of water conservation laws, regulations, practices, and techniques; maintaining awareness of new developments in the field of water conservation; and incorporating new developments as appropriate into programs.

The successful candidate will have both knowledge and direct experience in: technical aspects of water conservation programs, saving devices and measures; researching, compiling, and reviewing water efficiency data and cost-effectiveness information to produce statistical, historical, and analytical documents regarding water consumption for residential, commercial, institutional, and irrigation customers; collecting, interpreting, and analyzing water use data; calculating irrigation water demands; estimating program efficiency gains on a utility or regional scale utilizing a variety of methods including models; working with water conservation programs and projects; giving effective presentations to and communications with customers, clients and the general public; producing written documents with clearly organized thoughts with proper sentence construction, punctuation, and grammar; working cooperatively with other staff.

This position may be filled at the secondary Scientist 4 level.


Employment Guidelines:

Senior Scientist: Typically has Master's Degree in Natural or Physical Sciences and at least six (6+) years experience that demonstrates measurable career progression within scientific discipline that can be applied to support the District's strategic goals and objectives.

Scientist 4: Typically has Bachelor's Degree in Natural or Physical Sciences and at least four (4+) years qualifying experience.



Must possess a Valid State of Florida Driver's License.


Physical Requirements/Working Environment

Due to the District's response role and in the total scope of emergency management, this position may at times, be required to provide support before, during and after major storm events and emergency situations, such as hurricanes or other declared emergencies, depending on assigned emergency response role.


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Posted March 13, 2018

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