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Habitat and Stewardship Program Manager

Galveston TN

Job Purpose: The Habitat and Stewardship Program Manager is a senior level position and is primarily responsible for fostering, designing, managing, maintaining, and growing Artist Boat’s Coastal Heritage Preserve (670 acre preserve with a potential growth to 1,400 acres), Habitat Restoration Adventure Program, on-campus Native-Scaping Program, and volunteer stewardship program at the Coastal Heritage Preserve. A large focus of this program is on land management and restoration of the Coastal Heritage Preserve, maintaining and fostering partnerships with a variety of entities to develop and implement habitat management and public access plans at the Coastal Heritage Preserve, restoring habitats on barrier islands and Galveston Bay, and bringing K-Grey learners to the coastal environment for stewardship experiences. The goal of the Habitat and Stewardship Program is to deliver place-based and experiential learning to K-Grey learners and partners in order to build a stewardship ethic that results in restored, enhanced, and conserved lands that benefit the public and wildlife in the coastal zone.

Personality: The Program Manager must be a highly motivated individual who is a natural and highly organized leader that fosters collaboration and partnership; is able to utilize and adopt technology readily for communication of spatial knowledge; is competent at land management and application of science for monitoring and restoration of coastal prairies and wetlands; is deadline driven seeking to gain a high level of performance in the field of conservation; is competent with grant management, grant writing, and grant reporting; and must be able to enjoy working with people and being in the field as much as documenting and reporting on program achievements and/or data. This person must prioritize working with partners face to face or on the telephone.

Essential Function: It will be essential for the Program Manager to assure all components of grant contracts, habitat management and public access plans, partnership agreements and contracts, and teacher agreements for adventure programs are met to the standard agreed on and delivered on time. A vital role will be modeling for Eco-Art Educators and Habitat Specialists professional standards of program delivery, delegating to Eco-Art Educators and Habitat Specialists clearly and concisely so they are accountable and responsible for various program goals, and assuring a high level of standard is met for all components of the program that maintains and fosters Artist Boat’s reputation.

Via snail mail please send cover letter, resume, copy of transcripts, and three letters from professional references to Artist Boat, Care of: John Stokes at P.O. Box 16019, Galveston, Texas 77552. Applications Due by April 26, 2019. Interviews will commence April 15, 2019. Ready to fill position immediately and anticipated start date between April 15 - May 1, 2019. Office is located on Galveston Island. Please do not call or email the Executive Director. Each applicant will be emailed a notification that his or her full application has been received. Applications not containing all requested documents will not be reviewed or notified of receipt.

Posted April 4, 2019

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