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Watershed Pro Crew Member

East Charleston VT

Compensation: $15/hr, hourly

Duration: Late April – Early October


Position Description:

Member of a professional conservation corps crew that is specifically dedicated to implementing projects that improve or maintain water quality. General tasks include riparian buffer tree planting, invasive species removal, installation of water quality best management practices, shoreline improvements, stormwater management, and mentorship of youth interested in pursuing work in the field of conservation.


Required Skills:

Must work effectively both alone and as part of a team

Must have good verbal communications skills, and the ability to work cooperatively and comfortably with a team of equals from a variety of backgrounds

Must be willing and able to educate self and others about water quality, best management practices, riparian and aquatic habitats, forest stewardship, and conservation

Must be willing, able, and prepared to complete tasks outdoors in all seasons and all weather conditions

Must be willing, able, and prepared to complete strenuous physical activities, such as digging, hiking, carrying, performing repetitive motions, kneeling, levering, wheelbarrowing, and lifting heavy objects such as lumber and stone

Must possess attention to detail and be able to produce quality products with minimal supervision

Must be able to keep accurate written and photographic records of daily activities and project progress

Must be able to use creative problem solving when faced with on-the-ground situations that differ from anticipated conditions

Must represent the NorthWoods center and its programs with professionalism



Should have a valid driver’s license and be able to safely operate motor vehicles


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Posted February 6, 2020

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