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Prescott Range Resource Area Manager

Prescott AZ

Job Id 50473


Since its inception in 1912, the Arizona State Land Department has been entrusted with managing approximately 9.2 million acres of Trust lands scattered throughout Arizona. The Common Schools (K-12) are the largest beneficiary owning approximately 87% of the land and receiving close to 90% of Land Trust revenues. Through the application of sound stewardship, conservation, and effective business management principles, the Land Department is able to succeed in its mission of responsibly managing the assets of a multi-generational perpetual Trust in alignment with the interests of the beneficiaries and Arizona’s future. Are you ready join us in our mission? Please apply today!

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Range Resource Area Manager (Natural Resources Manager II)

Grade 19

Hourly Salary Range ($22.41 - $25.00)



The Natural Resources Manager II (Range Resource Area Manager) position is responsible for managing grazing leases on State Trust land located throughout the State of Arizona on behalf of the beneficiaries of the Arizona Land Trust. The responsibilities of this position include processing range improvement and land treatment applications by reviewing applications, conducting field inspections and writing correspondence which summarizes project impacts, including supplemental conditions to minimize impacts to State Trust land resources.


Summary of Job Duties:

· Conducts archaeological surveys as a para archaeologist and submits field data to the ASLD archaeologist for reporting the SHPO/ASM;

· Assists NRCS staff with rangeland ecological site inventories and writes/reviews Coordinated Resource Management Plans with Input from the planning team;

· Facilitates wood/biomass sales as a function of land treatments and grassland restoration projects;

· Conducts rangeland monitoring to document ground cover and plant community responses to climatic conditions and grazing management;

· Processes additional AUM grazing applications by conducting field inspections, recommending action, calculating actual use and preparing billing memoranda.;

· Reviews and makes initial carrying capacity recommendations on new grazing lease and grazing permit applications;

· Conducts lease compliance and grazing trespass investigations by field investigation, participation in settlement conferences and preparation of necessary supporting documentation;

· Reviews sales, rights of way, commercial, minerals, water sale, annexation and recreation permit applications and prepares a written recommendation as to the potential impacts of the proposed activity on State Trust rangelands and affected grazing lessees;

· Conducts re-appraisals of grazing lease and grazing permit carrying capacities according to established rangeland evaluation techniques and documents the results in a memorandum;

· Prepares and updates lease files and ranch maps.;

· Participates in Arizona Habitat Partnership meetings.;

· Conducts Special Projects with approval of the Unit Manager;

· Prepares progress reports summarizing projects and tasks completed during the planning period;

· Interacts with lessees, co-workers, outside agency personnel and the public;

· Maintains an updated sublease and pasture agreement file electronically;

· Prepares billing request memos for grazing sublease surcharges;

· Processes cancelled lease files and coordinates compliance checks with the Range Resource Area Managers located In field offices;

· Applies the principles, theories, and concepts of the Arizona Management System; actively participating in daily group huddles and huddle board updates; continually identifying areas for process and quality improvement; adhering to established standard work and procedures.

· Performs all other relevant duties as assigned.



Knowledge of:

· Principles and practices of rangeland, watershed, forestry, wildlife and riparian area management, and natural resource conservation.

· Ecology and ecosystem functions.

· Methods of ecological site identification, rangeland monitoring, soil classification, rangeland health evaluation, rangeland carrying capacity.

· Identification of historic and prehistoric cultural resources.

· Interpretation of topographic, land status and hydrologic maps and aerial photographs.

· State and national natural resource laws, rules and policies.

· Legal descriptions of land parcels.

· Basic office equipment including desktop computer.

· Word and Excel applications in a Windows environment.

· Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) practical applications.


Skills In:

· Organizational skills in coordinating field activities.

· Effective oral and written communication skills.


Ability To:

· Identify vegetation, wildlife and breeds of livestock and their habitats. locate geographic features, range improvements, property boundaries and livestock in the field.

· Travel and work in the field under adverse weather conditions, this requires complete control of physical faculties and may include considerable walking, standing and lifting 25-50 lbs.

· Plan, organize and accomplish the activities in a work plan.

· Interpret, analyze and evaluate field data and Information to make Independent decisions and judgements.

· Establish and maintain effective working relationships with lessees and producers, various levels of government, law enforcement, business officials and the public.



· A Bachelor of Science Degree in Rangeland Management or a closely related field;

· A minimum of 3 years, recent field work and technical report writing experience;

· Experience operating a 4x4 vehicle.



A cover letter is required for this position in addition to a complete resume at the time of application. The cover letter should concisely highlight experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities as they relate to the job posting. The cover letter will be used to determine which applicants will advance to the interview phase of the recruitment and selection process.



Posted June 23, 2020

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