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Coastal Program Analyst III

Statewide Locations CA

Final Filing Date: Monday, October 30, 2020


The California Coastal Commission (Coastal Commission) is a government agency of the State of California that is charged with protecting coastal resources and managing coastal development in California. The mission of the Coastal Commission is to provide for the balanced use of the coastal zone and to protect, restore, and enhance coastal and marine resources for the continuing benefit of current and future generations. Employees at the Commission enjoy working on a broad range of issues to plan for and manage coastal land uses while protecting important coastal resources including wetlands, habitats that support rare and endangered species, scenic landscapes and views to the sea, public shoreline access and recreation opportunities. Staff includes dedicated planners, scientists, attorneys and administrative professionals.

The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) is a State of California government agency with regulatory and planning responsibilities over San Francisco Bay, the Suisun Marsh, salt ponds, and along the Bay Area’s nine-county shoreline. BCDC is guided in its actions by state and federal laws, policies, and regulations including: the McAteer-Petris Act, Suisun Marsh Preservation Act, Coastal Zone Management Act, San Francisco Bay Plan, Suisun Marsh Protection Plan and various special area plans around the Bay. Our 50+ staff takes pride in our high level of professionalism. Staff includes environmental planners, scientists, engineers, attorneys, administrative and information technology professionals.

The Coastal Commission and BCDC value diversity at all levels of the organization and is committed to fostering an environment in which employees from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and personal experiences are welcomed and can thrive. We believe the diversity of our employees and their unique ideas inspire innovative solutions to further our mission of protecting and enhancing California’s coast and ocean for present and future generations



Applications must be postmarked or received in the Human Resources Office by Friday, October 30, 2020. Applications postmarked, personally delivered or received via interoffice mail after this date will be held and processed for the next examination period.


The Coastal Program Manager examination will be given the same day as the Coastal Program Analyst III examination. If you meet the admittance requirements and wish to compete in both examinations, you may file one application noting each examination title in the appropriate space.

Applications may be filed by fax to (415) 904-5482, by email at, or in person or by mail at the following address:

Human Resources Office California Coastal Commission 455 Market Street, Suite 228 San Francisco, CA 94105-2420




The exam will be held on Thursday, November 12 and Friday, November 13, 2020. Interview dates are subject to change based on the number of candidates.



The Coastal Program Analyst III examination is held via teleconference through Zoom Cloud Meeting ( A desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet or smartphone with video and audio settings is required for participation.

If you have a disability and need special testing arrangements, mark the appropriate box in Item # 2 on the application. You will be contacted to make specific arrangements.



The Coastal Program Analyst series describes professional work concerned with the conservation, enhancement and development of coastal and ocean resources and regulating the uses of land or water in California's coastal zone. This work is accomplished by planning, regulating and managing uses of coastal resources in the coastal zone.

This is typically the working supervisor level. Under direction, incumbents (1) direct the work of a specialized headquarters unit and personally perform the most difficult and complex work; or (2) direct a district unit engaged in permit review, enforcement or land use planning and personally perform the most difficult and complex work; or (3) function as a non-supervisory staff specialist in a difficult and sensitive program development, policy or coordination position which is either critical to the basic mission of a Commission or of statewide significance.


Positions exist statewide in San Francisco, Arcata, Santa Cruz, Ventura, Long Beach and San Diego with the California Coastal Commission and in San Francisco with the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission.


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Posted October 16, 2020

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