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Eastern Brook Joint Venture Coordinator

Davis WV

The Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture (EBTJV) seeks an individual to serve as the Partnership and Science Coordinator to work with the EBTJV Steering Committee, EBTJV Subcommittees, and the EBTJV members to achieve the goals and objectives of the partnership. The EBTJV is a unique partnership between state and federal agencies, regional and local governments, businesses, conservation organizations, academia, scientific societies, and private citizens working toward protecting, restoring and enhancing Brook Trout populations and their habitats across their native eastern range.

The position will be administered by Canaan Valley Institute (CVI), who will provide an annual salary of $38,000 – $42,000 based on experience, full health and dental benefits, paid annual leave, and travel expenses. The position start date is planned for early March, 2021. Employment of the EBTJV Coordinator is contingent upon funding being available to support the position, and is currently guaranteed through March 2022. The location of the position is open to negotiation based on experience level of the candidate. Ideally the position will be based in the middle of the EBTJV range to allow for efficient travel. The position will require occasional overnight travel, primarily in the range of the partnership with occasional trips throughout the United States for National Fish Habitat Board Meetings and Fish Habitat Partnership Workshops. More details can be found in the Position Description.



The EBTJV ( is a unique partnership between state and federal agencies, regional and local governments, businesses, conservation organizations, academia, scientific societies, and private citizens whose mission is to restore fishable populations of eastern Brook Trout across 17 states from Maine to Ohio to Georgia. As one of the nation’s first pilot partnerships operating under the National Fish Habitat Partnership (, the EBTJV is a geographically focused, locally driven, and scientifically based effort to protect, restore and enhance wild Brook Trout populations and their aquatic habitat throughout their historic eastern range. The EBTJV uses the best available science to achieve measurable on-the-ground conservation success at multiple geographic and jurisdictional scales while also working to secure the adoption of policies that assist in sustaining wild Brook Trout and their habitats. The EBTJV seeks to maximize the energies, expertise and existing partnerships throughout the historic eastern Brook Trout range through a collaborative, non-regulatory framework.

The EBTJV Steering Committee is a self-directed group of members interested in achieving the partnership’s vision of “healthy coldwater systems with fishable Brook Trout populations throughout their historic eastern geographic range.” The Committee meets quarterly and has subcommittees that advise the larger partnership in the following topic areas: science and data, conservation planning, and outreach/education.


General Description:

The EBTJV Coordinator is responsible for effectively carrying out a complex array of duties related to fish habitat conservation throughout the historic eastern range of Brook Trout. The Coordinator assists the EBTJV Steering Committee and its subcommittees and working groups in accomplishing the Partnership’s goals and objectives in its strategic and operational plans and the goals of the National Fish Habitat Partnership. The Coordinator conducts essential functions of the EBTJV at the staff level as assigned by the EBTJV Steering Committee and Executive Team. The position is also responsible for the coordination of committee, subcommittee, and work group meetings and facilitates consensus building among members of the Partnership.


Specific Duties:

Provide staff support to implement and accomplish the goals and objectives identified in the EBTJV Strategic and Operations Plans.

Provide leadership in guiding the strategic direction and management of the EBTJV in coordination with the EBTJV Steering Committee and its membership.

Provide technical assistance associated with EBTJV science needs in collaboration with the EBTJV Science and Data Subcommittee. This work may involve GIS analysis, eastern Brook Trout status assessment and distribution data analysis, scientific-based prioritization of Brook Trout conservation needs at the watershed and catchment scales, and facilitation of existing and future research needs.

Periodic refinement of the EBTJV’s strategic goals and objectives and key conservation priorities in collaboration with the EBTJV Steering Committee and its membership.

Coordinate and compile information on wild Brook Trout conservation activities and improvements in their habitats for use in measuring progress towards achieving EBTJV goals and objectives.

Oversee the annual request for proposals for EBTJV’s National Fish Habitat Partnership funded Brook Trout conservation projects in coordination with the NFHP Board.

Conduct business functions such as convening meetings, committees, workshops, and webinars, developing operational budgets, and producing required reports.

Communicate and promote the accomplishments of the EBTJV, the values of eastern Brook Trout, scientific research, current and future threats to eastern Brook Trout and their habitat, and related educational information via the EBTJV website, social media and other outlets.

Fundraise and develop innovative partnership support for EBTJV conservation actions and related promotional, educational and research activities that help achieve the mission of the EBTJV.

Work remotely or in a partnering state, federal or NGO member office within the eastern Brook Trout historic eastern range, meet deadlines, respond timely to inquiries and requests, and passionately advocate for the conservation of eastern Brook Trout.



A graduate degree in fisheries science, marine biology, natural resource management, or a related field is preferred. Equivalent experience will also be considered. Interdisciplinary preparation in fish habitat management, proficient writing and speaking abilities, effective outreach, organizational and interpersonal skills, and experience with developing habitat conservation plans should be demonstrated.



The EBTJV Coordinator reports to the Executive Director of Canaan Valley Institute and the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture Steering Committee. The Coordinator is expected to exercise substantial independence and initiative in addressing the needs of the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture.


Work Environment:

Work is primarily performed in an office setting; however, it involves occasional travel. The work also involves substantial mental demands and stress, including integrating a number of complex projects and tasks at one time and building consensus among many partners.



This position does not qualify for overtime. Compensatory time and flexible working hours (with supervisory approval) are available under Canaan Valley Institute’s policies. However, the EBTJV Coordinator’s position is a salaried employee and is expected to put in the effort needed to make EBTJV initiatives successful.


Canaan Valley Institute info: Canaan Valley Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works to create healthy communities, vibrant economies, and clean watersheds across Central Appalachia. We restore degraded land and streams to conditions that are healthier for people, plants, and animals. By providing education, outreach, and technical assistance, we also help organizations, local governments, and communities gain the tools and skills necessary to develop lasting solutions.


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Posted December 29, 2020

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