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Stop Drilling Program Director

Washington DC, Boston MA, New York NY & Denver CO

The Stop Drilling Program Director will lead a series of campaigns to block new efforts to drill for oil or gas along our coasts, on our public lands or in our communities building broad opposition from the public, key constituencies and local, state, and federal decisionmakers. The program director will:

• Watchdog the Congress and the White House as well as key state capitols for new/expanded drilling proposals;

• Meet with decision-makers to gather intel, educate, and advocate;

• Reach out to the national and local media;

• Generate content for social media;

• Build new coalitions and work with existing networks opposed to drilling;

• Write multi-year and annual strategic plans;

• Fundraise through grants and large donors; and

• Hire and develop interns, staff and future leadership.



The ideal candidate for our Stop Drilling Director will be:

• An experienced advocate with excellent writing and verbal communication skills.

• Creative and effective at solving complex problems, and a strategic thinker.

• A good people-person/listener with a track record of successful relationship-building.

• Well-organized and able to track multiple efforts and keep multiple balls in the air;



Posted February 9, 2018

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