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Executive Director - Beaver Creek Wetlands Association

Alpha OH

The Beaver Creek Wetlands Association is seeking an Executive Director.

At the Beaver Creek Wetlands Association board meeting on March 19, the trustees approved the hiring of a new full-time Executive Director! This is a big step for us, but a necessary one that has been discussed by the board over the last year and a half. Our land trust has a great new vision to protect additional land, connect our boardwalks and trail systems, and increase our efforts to manage the 2,000 acres we have protected since 1988. Accomplishing this is a huge task that requires constant efforts in fundraising, interacting with partners, writing grants, building membership, developing relationships with landowners, and building committees. It will take a talented person working constantly to achieve our vision and strengthen our group.


Applications are being excepted until May 31, with the goal of filling this full-time Executive Director position by this spring and summer.



Posted May 10, 2019

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