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Program Coordinator

Honolulu HI

Established in 2007 as a 501(c)3 non-profit, Kupu empowers future generations to create a more sustainable, pono Hawai‘i. Kupu accomplishes this by partnering with conservation and sustainability focused agencies throughout the state and pacific in providing hands-on service opportunities which educate and mentor young adults and emerging professionals to become stewards of our communities and environment. Since 2007, Kupu has risen to meet the increasing demands of the green job sector by engaging over 3,000 youth in the areas of conservation, sustainability and environmental education. Kupu affirms the Hawaiian notion of “ma ka hana ka ʻike” or “in working one learns.” This approach has led to the creation of hundreds of service-learning opportunities which assists in the development of Hawai’i’s emerging professionals in the green job sector while supporting over 150 conservation and sustainability organizations across Hawaiʻi and the Pacific region.


Kupu’s Mission

“To empower youth to serve their communities through character-building, service-learning, and environmental stewardship opportunities that encourage integrity (pono) with Ke Akua, self, and others.”


Program Goals

Kupu aims to provide opportunities which engage emerging professionals in the conservation and sustainability fields and build skills which will assist in personal and professional development. Kupu is able to offer these opportunities through partnerships with conservation and sustainability-focused organizations throughout the state of Hawai’i and throughout the Pacific. Kupu’s programs offer valuable experience-building opportunities for program participants while providing additional support to Hawai’i’s conservation and sustainability efforts.


Position Overview

The Program Coordinator plays an instrumental role in maintaining the quality and effectiveness of Kupu’s programs. As the general point of contact to Kupu’s partner agencies and participants, Program Coordinators act as the medium between program stakeholders and Kupu. In this role, Program Coordinators work with both partner agency staff and program participants in order to ensure a fruitful and successful program opportunity. Program Coordinators also play a pivotal role in the planning and facilitation of program events and functions (e.g. orientations, trainings, service projects, etc.) as well as recruitment, outreach and in some cases selection into the program.


Position Duties

The Program Coordinator position is a full-time position which includes, but is not limited to, the following duties:

Program Coordination & Planning:

Collaborates with program team to plan, coordinate, and facilitate the program experience for participants and partner sites

Oversees coordination of program planning and logistics

Collaborates with program team to implement goals and desired outcomes

Assists with planning, preparation, and logistics for program events (orientations, service projects, workshops, trainings, etc.)

Develops and prepares materials and content for program events (handbooks, powerpoints, activities, etc.)

Partners with program team in presentation and facilitation of program events

Acts as lead to program participants for program events and activities


Program Maintenance & Development

Partners with program staff in evaluating and improving program systems, procedures, processes, etc. in order to better accomplish program goals

Identifies areas of need and improvement to better serve program stakeholders


Partner and Participant Coordination

Acts as point of contact for program participants and partner agency

Actively maintains and upholds Kupu’s relationships with program stakeholders throughout the state, including but not limited to partner agencies and program participants

Maintains healthy lines communication with partner sites and program participants

Ensures a healthy program experience for both program participants and partnering agencies

Assists in developing new partnerships in alignment with Kupu’s goals and mission

Assists in the vetting and selection process for programs as needed

Provides guidance and mentorship to program participants


Data and Administrative Tasks

Ensures timely completion and submission of all program administrative requirements (including data reports, timesheets, paperwork, etc.)

Ensures the quality and accuracy of submitted program requirements

Assists in data evaluation for program reporting requirements

Maintains statistical information on program performance

Partners with Administrative team in ensuring program requirements are successfully completed and submitted by partner sites and/or participants


Recruiting & Outreach

Partners with Kupu staff in identifying and scheduling relevant recruiting & outreach opportunities

Acts as a representative of Kupu at relevant outreach and recruitment events

Assists in the creation of recruiting, outreach, and social media content

Supports recruitment efforts for Kupu programs and opportunities

Conducts program presentations

Partners with team in ensuring program positions are filled

Travels throughout the state as needed to meet with partner sites and members, as well as to promote Kupu’s programs

Other duties as needed


Position Requirements

Program Coordinator must meet the following minimum requirements:

● Must be available full-time Monday through Friday, as well as possible weekends, evenings, and periodic neighbor island travel

● Must meet Kupu’s criminal history check requirements

● Possess a valid driver’s license and meet Kupu’s driving abstract requirements

● Possess at minimum a high school diploma

● Computer literate with basic experience operating out of programs such as (Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, etc.l

● Experience with project or program planning and coordination

● Relevant experience building and maintaining relationships with multiple stakeholders

● Strong team player with a collaborative mindset

● Exceptional interpersonal skills

● Highly effective communicator (both verbal and written)

● Experience with public speaking and presentations

● Exceptional organization and prioritization skills

● Self-driven individual willing and able to operate with multiple projects and deadlines

● Possesses an attention to detail and thoroughness

● Demonstrates a high level of character and integrity

● Exceptional problem solving skills


Physical Requirements - Due to the nature of Kupu’s programs, the physical demands described below are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform essential functions of this position. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions

● Able to work extended hours on steep, rugged terrain; under extreme hot and cold weather conditions

● Able to hike long distances carrying a 20 lb backpack

● Able to lift 30+ lbs, and operate basic hand tools (machetes, shovels, picks, etc.)

● Able to work and camp in remote locations with minimal facilities



The Program Coordinator is preferred, but not required, to have the following:

● Bachelor’s degree or higher

● Demonstrated experience and/or commitment to the natural resource management and sustainability field

● Relevant experience working with target program demographic (Typically recent college/high school graduates, current high-school/college students, emerging professionals, etc.)

● Experience in a mentorship and/or counseling setting

● Experience with event planning and facilitation

● Possesses a diverse set of skills and/or cultural knowledge to share with program participants

● Familiarity with AmeriCorps Programs


Apply: Apply with the following link: https://www.hrsymphony.com/hrs/apply/1344/W28Q

*In accordance with Federal Law, Kupu is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability

Posted October 4, 2019

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