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Development and Advocacy Director

Missoula MT

The Great Burn Conservation Alliance (GBCA), a non-profit conservation organization founded in 1971, works to permanently protect wildlands in the northern Bitterroot mountains in western Montana and northern Idaho through advocacy, collaboration, and on the ground stewardship.The GBCA focuses on the preservation of a well-defined land base, leverages its modest resources thoughtfully, and invests in projects with successful results. GBCA works hard to develop and support protective land management policies that preserve the wild and remote character, wildlife habitat, ecological integrity, and wilderness potential for lands within the GBCA mission area. Learn more about the Great Burn Conservation Alliance at www.greatburn.org 


The Development and Advocacy Director serves as a primary spokesperson, active policy advocate, and lead fundraiser for the Great Burn Conservation Alliance.This individual works closely with the Stewardship and Outreach Director in the operation of GBCA’s programs and strategic initiatives. Key duties include fundraising, building community support to achieve conservation objectives, influencing Forest Service policy and land management planning, and providing administrative and financial oversight. The Development and Advocacy Director reports directly to the Board of Directors. 


The GBCA is a small, cooperative organization in which there is a vast potential for growth. Our founder and long-time executive director retired recently, providing us with the opportunity to restructure our organization. As the Development and Advocacy Director helps the GBCA succeed,we see the potential for the right candidate to grow into the role of an Executive Director with a commensurate increase in compensation.

This position is based in Missoula, MT, where a river runs through it, mountains surround it, there's a craft brewery on every corner, and you can enjoy your backyard public lands all four seasons. To see the full position description, please visit www.greatburn.org/employment.html .

Posted March 13, 2020

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