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Northern Rockies Program Manager

Bozeman MT

The Trust for Public Land is seeking a leader with demonstrated ability in project management and community engagement, and a background in open space acquisition and conservation and park/trail creation. This position reports to the Northern Rockies Area Director.

The Program Manager preserves critical open space and works with communities to create parks, trails and access to recreation opportunities. This position generates revenue for The Trust for Public through the successful completion of land protection and park projects.

The Northern Rockies region (Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming) contains some of the most iconic and ecologically important lands in the Lower 48 states. The Trust for Public Land has been successful over the past twenty years in conserving over 800,000 acres in the region. We accomplish this conservation through two strategic program areas: (1) The “Conserving the Northern Rockies Large Landscapes” Program protects and enhances the at-risk large landscapes in the region by identifying key private lands within those large landscapes that are at-risk for development and protecting them in perpetuity; and (2)The “Enhancing Outdoor Connections Close-To-Home” Program finds opportunities to create parks and improve access and connection to parks, trails, schoolyards, and open spaces in and near communities where our work can improve the communities’ quality of life.

This position will play a leading role in accelerating these two program areas.



Land Protection Project Management (approximately 60%)

Explores potential projects by using GIS tools, contacting owners, nonprofit organizations and public agency officials.

Develops strategies for acquisition of key resource properties needed for the preservation of open space lands of critical local, regional, or national importance, and their conveyance to public agencies.. Manages portfolio of potential projects.

Manages all phases of the conservation real estate due diligence (title research, appraisal contracts and other consultants)

Assumes primary responsibility for negotiating, documenting and closing conservation real estate transactions with the assistance of TPL legal and finance staff.

Works with TPL staff to identify and secure project funding from multiple resources. Good working knowledge of processes for obtaining public, private, foundation, and corporate funding.


Parks, Trails, and Schoolyard Project Management (approximately 40%)

Develops relationships with community representatives, government agencies, city staff, non-profit partners, the arts and cultural community, and neighborhood leaders to identify and implement community-based outreach and park and trail designs.,

Partners with community leaders to organize community-led participatory park and trail design, and identify sources of funding.

Works with consultants and oversees the management of planning, design, and construction of parks and trail projects, including project schedules and budgets.

Participates in the development of stewardship models to optimize the maintenance, programming and use of completed park project sites.

Supports the State Director in developing plans to grow the program. Collaborate with and support the State Director and other local staff in developing and implementing strategy to increase public agency and community capacity for park maintenance and operations of completed parks, as well as long-term planning and design of future parks.


Additional Functions

Builds public awareness and understanding of TPL in the community.

Completes assorted administrative tasks required for a well-regulated organization.

Assists with the training of new project staff .

Assists TPL Conservation Finance staff with legislative outreach



Bachelor's degree required.

Background in landscape architecture, landscape design, natural resources, real estate or planning preferred.

Minimum of 3-4 years project-management experience

This position requires moderate to heavy travel. Evening and weekend work can be expected.



Superior written and oral communication skills.

Proficient in computer applications and knowledge of GIS.

Strong negotiator, and time management skills.

Experience with community outreach, and collaborative design process involving community members, public agencies and other community stakeholders.

Excellence in project management including design and construction management, including oversight of independent contractors , budgets, contracts and project schedules.

Facility with media independently and/or in conjunction with Public Affairs staff.

Able to work on complex projects with moderate level of supervision.

Able to work with philanthropy staff on fundraising efforts.



Posted May 18, 2020

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