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Development Assistant, Institutional Giving

San Francisco CA

If you’re extremely detail-oriented; if comma splices, split infinitives, and other proofreading errors drive you crazy; if keeping things organized thrills you; if you delight in database management; and if you want to put your skills to use holding some of the world’s biggest polluters to account, this position might be the perfect role for you. We are particularly interested in candidates who are looking for a long-term, 32 hour per week position, with the potential for growth and advancement.

We encourage applicants to apply by June 8, 2020. This position is open until filled, and the ideal candidate would be available to start work in early July.

Please send a 1-page cover letter and resume to devoassistant@stand.earth with your name in the subject line and on each attachment. In your cover letter, tell us what’s motivating you to apply, what skills or expertise you have that will be most important in this role, and where you might be challenged.

Posted May 20, 2020

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