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Solar Electrical Engineer

Houston TX

We are looking for a skilled Electrical Engineer who will design and revise PV Solar plan sets that will move from our proposed design department to Engineering, then on to permitting, installation, inspection and final commissioning..

You should be well-versed in PV Solar CAD designs, and possess excellent problem-solving abilities as well as creative approach to your tasks.


Electrical Engineer responsibilities are:

Turn around all design requests in your bucket within 12 hours or less

Develop systems and process that improve job flow.

Understand all AHJ and set back requirements in each utility we work in

Research and produce effective solutions to emerging problems

Review final designs of PV solar system performance, reliability and safety

Improve designs to meet requirements and to eliminate revisions, resubmissions to permitting offices, and downtime.

Analyze budget and scope of project

Collect observations from sales team and operations team

Create product reports and documentation

Stay informed about new theories or methods


Electrical Engineer requirements are:

Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Architecture or related field or equivalent experience is required.

• 0-2 years of experience, solar experience is preferred

• Familiarity with PV (photovoltaics) projects is a plus.

• A background with computer aided design (CAD)

• Aurora and cloud based software experience are preferred

• Strong analytical, written and communication skills

• Attention to detail and good organizational skills

• Ability to keep a positive attitude

• Ability to interact with other departments

• Ability to work under pressure with strict time deadlines

• PC skills; Microsoft Office Excel, Word and Outlook

• Ability to Multitask and perform other duties as assigned


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Posted February 6, 2019

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