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Environmental Scientist

Phoenix AZ

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in appropriate area of Science or equivalent plus appropriate continuing education.  Zero to three years of construction /environmental experience.


  • Implements assigned scientific tasks independently utilizing increasing skills, techniques and methods.
  • Communicates effectively with other team members
  • Prepares basic written reports
  • Exercises independent judgment and evaluation.
  • Demonstrates problem solving skills.
  • Hazwoper 40HR
  • CISEC or CESSWI Certification
  • OSHA 10HR



  • Demonstrates basic understanding of applicable environmental laws, best management practices, field construction practices, training, and working with local, state and federal land management agencies.
  • Works with construction management and government agencies to ensure comprehensive environmental compliance throughout all phases of transmission line construction.
  • Participate in daily and weekly pre-construction/look-ahead meetings and surveys within the project right-of-way and surrounding areas.
  • Monitors the Project area for species of concern.
  • Conducts noxious weed monitoring and management.
  • Inspects, evaluates, and amends project best management practices (BMP’s) as needed in accordance with the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan and contractual requirements.
  • Prepare/maintain daily and weekly reports as specified in the project documents
  • Perform site inspections to identify areas of potential risk related to permit requirements.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state and local permit conditions.
  • Strictly adhere to Owner's environmental policies and procedures
  • Assists in inspection of construction activities for compliance with all environmental laws and regulations, including right-of-way grant/special-use authorization, POD, permits and landowner agreements during construction.
  • Identifies resources and areas of concern prior to construction and coordinates with construction foreman.
  • Serves as technical resource to construction personnel to explain environmental regulations and how they are applied to specific situations.
  • Verifies construction work areas, access roads, and features are properly marked and flagged prior to initiation of work.
  • Identifies erosion control or other measures do not inadvertently impact sensitive resources.
  • Serves as field POC for third-party field monitors.
  • Informs construction crews of all potential and existing compliance issues and coordinates with Lead Environmental Inspector to determine appropriate corrective actions.
  • Has stop work authority when construction activities violate the environmental conditions of the right-of-way grant/special-use authorization, permits and landowner conditions.
  • Identifies, documents, and oversees corrective actions to resolve noncompliance issues.
  • Inspects erosion control measures to ensure functionality and communicates erosion control maintenance requirements to EEG Crew Foreman.
  • Follows up on repair and maintenance of erosion control Measures.
  • Inspects and documents reclamation and revegetation activities. 
  • Maintain good communications with the Owner's Construction Inspection team, the EC Source Lead Environmental Inspector, and work crews.


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Posted May 16, 2017

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