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Water Resources Engineer

Miami FL

The primary duties of the Water Resources Engineer would be to analyze and evaluate technical elements of Everglades restoration projects and identify appropriate structural and non-structural elements of projects needed to achieve successful restoration. The Water Resources Engineer will be expected to have advanced knowledge of Everglades hydrology, hydraulics and application of regional scale models. The Water Resources Engineer will be responsible for conducting hydrologic investigations to assess the effects of proposed plans on the Everglades ecosystem and provide recommendations to improve the proposed management actions.

The Water Resources Engineer supports The Everglades Foundation staff by providing concise recommendations based on a variety of scientific assessments and hydraulic/hydrologic modeling outputs, while investigating Everglades restoration projects. To learn more about the position, please click here.


To apply, please send cover letter and resume to mnaja@evergladesfoundation.org. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Posted November 1, 2017

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