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Project Manager Hydrogeologist Hydrogeology Geochemistry

Oak Ridge TN

Job Description

Subject Matter Expert in hydrogeology, geochemistry or a related field. Opportunities to work on challenging site investigations, remediation, water resources and extensive monitoring projects on the Oak Ridge Reservation.

Knowledge equivalent to that obtained with a Master’s degree in a field directly related to the work performed, with a minimum of ten years’ experience, and while serving as a technical lead, task manager, or equivalent is required.


Detailed Job Description:

Subject matter expert responsible for evaluations of high-profile projects in complex hydrogeological environments, interpretations of contaminant transport and media monitoring within geological strata, and providing support to ORR groundwater strategy. Supports the Water Resources Restoration Program including tasks such as the field implementation, data analysis, reporting and conceptual site model development. Provides support to or interfaces directly with Regulatory and Department of Energy agencies. Responsible for the technical implementation of the ORR Groundwater Program.


Duties will include:

Provide technical evaluations with innovative solutions for geologic and hydrogeologic investigations including the ability to run geologic visualization tools, perform and/or support analytical and numerical groundwater flow modeling and interpret large data to develop conceptual site models at complex sites.

Provide technical expertise, support and/or perform environmental evaluations through all aspects of data collection, management, and interpretation.

Work with engineers, GIS specialists, and other environmental experts to contribute to larger multidisciplinary projects.

Prepare technical documents including, but not limited to, work plans, monthly and yearly reports, proposals, calculations, and cost estimates.

Design and implement components of environmental remedies in the office and field. This work may include use of a variety of remedial alternatives/technologies (e.g., enhanced bioremediation, thermal treatment) and operation and maintenance of remedial systems (e.g., pump and treat).

Design and oversee drilling activities including monitoring wells, direct push installations, and maintenance activities. Interface with sampling teams to troubleshoot issues. Interface and/or oversee well drillers.



Minimum of 10 years’ experience in hydrogeological characterization on CERCLA sites.

Minimum of a Master of Science degree in geology or closely related field.

Knowledge and experience with the Oak Ridge Reservation geology, groundwater, surface water, and site history highly preferred.

Experience working with Regulatory agencies on a government site is required.

Experience in the development of Data Quality Objectives, Sampling and Analysis Plans

Experience with environmental regulatory requirements including CERCLA regulations and the CERCLA decision-making process.

Experience and understanding of groundwater characterization and remediation; groundwater well installation, development, and monitoring; development of conceptual site models; and groundwater fate and transport modeling. Providing support using technical impracticability waivers.


For additional information and to apply: https://rsienv.com/careers/

Posted June 11, 2018

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