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Environmental Scientist 2, 3 - Technical Assistance Coordinator

Phoenix AZ

Job Id 48086


We are looking for results-oriented, driven individuals with a thirst for problem solving.



At ADEQ our vision is to be the number one state in the nation in balanced, leading-edge environmental protection; through technical and operational excellence; and radical simplicity for customers and staff. We are currently looking for employees who are committed to our Agency, passionate to excel in their career and engaged in our mission. Only this caliber of employee will be successful in driving our Agency towards accomplishing our vision.


The Environmental Science Specialist (Technical Assistance Coordinator) will be responsible for assisting small public water system with elementary business plans including technical, managerial and financial capacity requirements. It will require conducting public water system evaluations and creating asset management plans. The position will also require writing Water Infrastructure Improvement for the Nation (WIIN) grants. Furthermore, the position will require organizing capacity development workshops throughout the state for public water system owners.


Primary Responsibilities:

· Provide technical assistance to the regulated community, staff, and the public in regards to public water system treatment technologies, operations and maintenance, and financial planning

· Participate in site visits, data collection, inspections and investigations at public water systems and create asset management plans

· Provide internal training and external training at technical conferences and workshops

· Develop environmental guidance documents, policies and outreach material


Do you think you have the combination of commitment, passion, and talent to help drive this Agency to realizing our vision? If so, apply today. To learn more about us, our organizational habits known as the ADEQ Way, our culture, and other positions we have open, visit us at https://azdeq.gov/careers



Ideal candidate will possess:

· Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science/Management, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental/Civil Engineering, Hydrology, Geology, Sustainability, or Business Management

· Level 2: two (2) years of experience.

· Level 3: five (5) years of experience.

· Master’s degree in related field may substitute for 2 years of experience

· Doctorate in related field may substitute for 5 years of experience

· Knowledge of Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)

· Public water system experience as a certified operator in water distribution and/or treatment

· Experience as an inspector of public water systems

· Business management of a public water system is desirable

· Knowledge of financial planning, state funds, federal funds and grants

· Ability to develop and write technical documentation

· Ability to conduct training events

· Ability to professionally represent ADEQ to the community and other state agencies

· Ability to problem solve and attention to detail

· Ability to understand and apply environmental rules and statues; to follow guidance documents, standard operating procedures, and other technical instructions in performance of tasks; to prepare clear, concise and accurate reports; and to summarize completed tasks and/or monitoring data orally and in written communication


Apply: https://azstatejobs.azdoa.gov/

Posted July 3, 2019

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