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Environmental Scientist I

Orlando FL

ESA is seeking to hire an Environmental Scientist I, an entry-level scientist supporting natural resource-related environmental evaluations and studies in our Orlando, FL office in Central Florida. Under direct supervision, Environmental Scientist I supports a range of project activities including: environmental assessments in support of regulatory permitting; scientific and technical assessments in support of NEPA, and other multi-disciplinary evaluations; field and geospatial data collection, management, processing, and analysis; and report preparation. The Environmental Scientist I may specialize in one of a number of areas, including, but not limited to: environmental science, oceanography, natural resources management, soil science, water quality/limnology, or related field.



Essential duties include, but are not limited to:

Supports routine tasks and projects, performing basic or low complexity assignments under direct supervision on all assignments.

Supports a range of environmental data collection, field sampling, and the implementation of monitoring programs including, but not limited to: surface water, groundwater, and stormwater sampling; soil sampling; and air quality sampling.

Interprets and analyzes environmental data.

Supports the preparation of permits, SWPP, and SPCC plans.

Prepares technical and regulatory reports for submittal to clients and state/federal/local agencies.

Assists with the preparation of technical memoranda or reports.

Assists inpreparing for, and participating in, client meetings, public information meetings, and hearings.

Performs basic project administration and management tasks as directed by Project Manager.

Performs other related duties as required.


Core Consulting Competencies:

Technical Expertise: Applies basic scientific methods and techniques according to supervised direction. Knowledgeable in basic regulations, processes, and principles for area of expertise. Engages in continual learning to expand technical expertise.

Leadership: Able to contribute constructively to project solutions, follows through on assignments, and learns from constructive feedback. Takes initiative to understand basics of consulting, including technical, marketing, and management concepts.

Project Delivery/Financial Management: Under direct supervision, works to support the successful completion of project-related work on time and within budget. Strives to understand basic project management principles through training opportunities.

Client Engagement: Able to interact with clients and interdisciplinary teams in a limited capacity as directed to deliver needed project support.

Winning Work: Able to assist and support Project Manager by collecting input for proposals, project information, and resumes as directed.

Communications: Solid writing skills and effective oral skills, as well as attentive listening capability. Able to prepare clear, concise, well-supported sections of limited scope technical reports as directed by Project Manager. Able to verbally communicate basic technical information to individuals and small groups.


Minimum Qualifications/Experience/Skills:

Bachelor’s degree in a field related to Environmental Science, Geology, Oceanography, Chemistry, Natural Resources Management, Soil Science, Water Quality/Limnology, or related field.

Academic knowledge of processes and principles for area of expertise, such as environmental permitting, as well as relevant regulations and processes, and related basic principles. Experience with and/or academic knowledge of field methodologies, data collection, and natural resource-based permitting processes. Familiarity with federal/state environmental regulations applicable to area of expertise.

Good working knowledge of relevant integrated software applications (Microsoft Office, including Excel, ArcGIS).

Ability to understand and interpret directions and guidance to perform detail-oriented work.

Technical skills in operating field data collection gear and instrumentation (such as YSI sondes, GPS units, drones, field sampling gear).

Position may require extensive field work; must be able to travel regionally and to work outdoors under inclement weather conditions.

Strong work ethic.

Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Must possess a valid driver's license.

Able to pass a federal and state background check for project-based assignments.


Additional Preferred Qualifications:

0-3 years of experience in environmental evaluations.

Previous experience working in a consulting environment.

Technical writing, computer analysis and statistics, and project research skills.

Working knowledge of the Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, NEPA, and applicable state and local environmental regulations.

Working knowledge of GIS software, such as ArcMap.

Commitment to professional development through participating in courses and attending conferences.



The position of Environmental Scientist I requires work that is varied in nature including: indoor office and laboratory work, as well as outdoor rural and/or urban physical work. Indoor work includes, but is not limited to: regularly sitting at a desk or in meetings for long periods of time, using computer, video conferencing, laboratory, and other office equipment. Outdoor physical work includes, but is not limited to: field work or site visits traversing uneven ground and sometimes steep terrain in forested environments, fields, arid lands, along stream banks, and in coastal/intertidal areas. Field work may be conducted at all hours, including night. The Environmental Scientist I may be exposed to inclement weather and uncomfortable working conditions. The Environmental Scientist I must be willing and able to work irregular hours and sometimes long days, with an irregular workweek including nights, weekends, and holidays. Must be able to: walk long distances, bend, stoop, dig with a shovel, at times carry up to 40 pounds, load and transport equipment and gear, crawl through dense brush, cross fences, and walk carrying a backpack. Employees must be able to safely operate motor vehicles in field situations. Occasional overnight travel, lasting up to a week or two at a time, to field locations, remote offices, or other ESA regions is an expectation of this position.


Apply: https://esassoc.com/join-us/job-openings/

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Posted October 3, 2019

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