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Conservation Scientist

Bozeman MT

The Wildlife Conservation Society is seeking a Conservation Scientist.



The role of the Conservation Scientist position is two-fold: 1) engage in collaborative partnerships and research to build a framework for science-based bison (Bison bison) conservation at a continent-wide scale; and 2)assist the Rocky Mountain Program Regional Director and Team in identifying conservation objectives for the Rocky Mountain region and developing scientific strategies to advance these objectives. S/he builds collaborative relationships with bison stakeholders in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to assess the capacity and potential scope and aims of a continent-wide bison management strategy, and coordinates and conducts relevant data collection and develops metapopulation models to assess the optimal framework for this strategy. S/he provides conceptual, scientific, and analytical support to the Regional Director and other key staff working in the Rocky Mountain region to optimize conservation goals.



‣Identify and build collaborative partnerships with influential bison stakeholders in the US, Canada, and Mexico; including government agencies, Tribes, First Nations, academic researchers, and other non-governmental organizations;

‣Work with partners to develop the aims and scope of a content-wide bison management strategy;

‣Work with partners to gather and analyze standardized genetic and demographic data to expand and parameterize existing bison metapopulation models;‣Expand bison metapopulation models to assess the efficacy of alternate management strategies on the long-term viability of North American bison;‣Assist in exploring and developing opportunities for bison re-introduction efforts;‣Assist the Rocky Mountain Program Regional Director and Team in identifying, developing and implementing scientific research or synthesis projects that address pressing, regional wildlife conservation issues;

‣Develop and leverage partnerships with government agencies, Tribes, First Nations, academic researchers, and other NGOs to frame and implement research projects relevant to wildlife conservation issues in the Rocky Mountain region;

‣Organize and attend relevant meetings, workshops, strategy sessions, etc. at the state, national, or international scale, when appropriate;

‣Provide administrative programmatic oversight and management as needed;

‣Develop and manage subcontracts as needed.



‣Ph.D. and five years experience in a relevant field such as wildlife management, conservation biology or an equivalent combination of education and experience;

‣A minimum of three years experience designing, developing and managing conservation research projects;

‣Knowledge of current trends and practices in conservation research and wildlife management;

‣Knowledge of advanced statistical and data analytical techniques;

‣Experience conducting population viability analyses;

‣Experience or knowledge of conservation genetics is preferred;

‣Demonstrated experience in strategic partnership development and engaging with federal and state land and wildlife management agencies;

‣Able to work effectively with others in a decentralized and geographically dispersed organization;

‣Experience managing time and diverse activities and projects under deadlines while delivering quality results;

‣Communicating clearly via written, spoken, and graphical means;

‣Willingness and ability to collaborate with and provide analytical support for the greater WCS Rockies team.



Posted March 23, 2020

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