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Arctic Vegetation Modeling Postdoctoral Scholar

Berkeley CA

Arctic Vegetation Modeling Postdoctoral Scholar - 86291

Organization: CE-Climate & Ecosystems


Lawrence National Berkeley Laboratory’s (LBNL, https://www.lbl.gov/) Climate & Ecosystems Division (https://eesa.lbl.gov/our-people/division/climate-ecosystem-sciences) has an immediate opening for an Arctic Vegetation Modeling Postdoctoral Scholar to join the team.

We seek a postdoctoral scholar to model the impact of climate and disturbance on Arctic shrub distributions and feedbacks to climate change. You will work closely with a project called NGEE-Arctic (https://ngee-arctic.ornl.gov/). This project aims to increase our understanding of the structure and function of carbon-rich Arctic terrestrial ecosystems, which will go towards advancing Earth system model predictions.

The research goals for you are to analyze and predict changes in arctic shrub distributions in response to climate change, and to explore the controls and consequences of these vegetation shifts using dynamic vegetation modeling. The specific objectives will include developing representations of dynamic Arctic vegetation for a demographic, trait-enabled dynamic vegetation model called ELM-FATES. Additionally, the postdoc will test different drivers and modes of Arctic vegetation competition, survival, and productivity using process-based modeling techniques and field data for validation. Testing modes of plant competition will involve investigating nutrient availability and plant hydraulic stress; nitrogen-fixing vegetation; response to atmospheric changes; evaluating model representation of current and trending distributions of Arctic vegetation types; and using observations to explore potential controls on rates of shrubification.


What You Will Do:

• Develop and apply mathematical, or conceptual models for terrestrial processes across a range of spatial and temporal scales, for implementation into land-surface models.

• Explore the impact of climate change and disturbance on shrub dynamics, carbon cycling, and plant trait distributions in the Arctic.

• Simulate vegetation response to disturbances and environmental stressors, and investigate consequences to plant growth dynamics, and vital rates.

• Simulate seedling processes at the site scale using NGEE-Arctic observations from surveys and experiments.

• Evaluate the extent and drivers of Arctic shrubification.

• Work as a member of a large multidisciplinary research team.

• Publish peer-reviewed journal articles and present work at scientific conferences.

• Contribute to progress reports and team deliverables.


Basic Requirements:

• PhD in ecology, earth sciences, or related field required.

• Background in terrestrial ecosystem ecology.

• Experience using land-surface biogeochemical models and ecosystem model development.

• Experience in dynamic and demographic modeling.


Please see online job posting for more requirements, job description, and information about applying.


Apply directly online at

Posted May 7, 2020

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