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Project Geologist

Lander WY

Job Number: 12877

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality is seeking a Project Geologist.



This position is a Project Geologist serving as a project manager for projects focused on geology, hydrogeology, and environmental corrective action, specific to CERCLA. Assists Program Supervisor and Groundwater Section Manager for the administration and management of the Federal Facilities Program and Groundwater Pollution Control Program for groundwater protection and groundwater restoration activities, and coordination with other Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) programs and divisions, and other state and federal agencies. This position does not supervise any subordinate positions.

Human Resource Contact: Cindy Hayden - (307)777-7939


ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The listed functions are illustrative only and are not intended to describe every function which may be performed in the job level.

Leads technicians and geologists to determine solutions for most complex geological and geotechnical investigations.

Guides other staff members concerning documents being approved or denied.

Works directly with other state and federal agencies.

Manages and conducts specialized geotechnical assignments.

Researches and makes recommendations for replacement equipment of geotechnical instrumentation, field monitoring devices, geophysical equipment, computer software and hardware, and troubleshooting equipment.

Leads and directs geologists and technicians in the completion of specialized assignments.

Conduct a technical review of documents, reports, and logs to ensure they are following agency policies, rules, and state statutes.

Complies with and enforces agency rules and state statutes and conducts field investigations.

Trains new engineering geologists during field investigations and office analysis.

Makes field arrangements and coordinates with internal, public agencies, and private sector.

Obtains geological survey, topographic map, GPS, and aerial photo data to determine ground control for field information.

Utilizes computer drafting and geotechnical software; plots all surveys, geological, laboratory data, and other databases.

Based on available information and design, completes detailed reports, and make recommendations for solutions to the most complicated geotechnical and geological problems.

Coordinates and conducts the review of geotechnical consultant designs.

Provides technical support, performs computer analysis and solutions for geotechnical related construction problems.

Represents programs in public meetings and at design and plan reviews and provides appropriate recommendations for resolving geotechnical related issues.

Analyzes and provide solutions for high-risk geologic hazards.

Writes specifications related to geotechnical/geological items.

Affixes PG/PE stamp to performed work.

Performa technical reviews of permits.

Assist Program Supervisor with DEQ responsibilities under the DSMOA to provide analysis to the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US EPA regarding the state of Wyoming regulations and policies for environmental investigation and corrective action at the Department of Defense Formerly Used Defense Sites and other Federal Facilities in the state of Wyoming.

Perform as the Project Geologist for WQD’s Ambient Groundwater Monitoring Program and other special projects identified by the Division.

Review and evaluate NEPA documents.

Evaluate proposals, plans and permit applications submitted by the public and/or industry to protect groundwater from an impairment, or to restore groundwater quality following regulations policies and guidelines.

Develops, coordinates and performs environmental compliance assessment audits/inspects, writes detailed reports, and formulates detailed correspondence regarding technical issues.

Develop appropriate and timely formal written recommendations and directions in response to proposals, plans, and applications submitted by the public and/or industry.

Provide technical assistance to the public and/or industry to improve and expedite the implementation of effective voluntary or required plans, proposals, and applications.

Conduct field investigations and inspections as needed to resolve groundwater violations and complaints.

Manage contracts with other agencies, organizations, or governing bodies to investigate groundwater conditions or implement groundwater protection plans.

Meet and communicate with concerned citizens and environmental groups regarding environmental concerns associated with energy development.

From an environmental perspective, may review, analyze, evaluate, and interpret technical (biological, chemical, geological, and hydrogeological) land, water, and/or property data.

Make recommendations concerning technical data, reports, and enforcement issues.

Answers technical questions related to policies, procedures, and statutes.

Resolve conflicts between technical opinions and personalities in a positive manner and work cooperatively with internal and external stakeholders to achieve objectives and requirements of the program and department.

Conducts and evaluates moderately complex modeling of pollutant transport in the environment.

Measures, monitors, regulates and manages resources, and resource utilization per applicable laws, regulations, and court decrees.

Inspects facilities, structures, and permits for compliance, completes engineering and hydrologic analysis; mediates disputes.

Represents the agency in meetings with various State, Federal, and private entities.

Makes presentations to various interest groups.

Conducts complex analysis of problems using data collected through physical measurement, laboratory analysis and results, and field inspection.

Manages multiple complex projects for corrective action/remediation activities.

Analyzes complex environmental data and draw conclusions.

Applies professional judgment in the interpretation of formulas, templates, or standards as applied to technical data or information and makes recommendations based on results.




Knowledge of and ability to read, research, interpret and apply Federal, State, Local environmental laws, and regulations.

Knowledge of hydrogeological processes.

Knowledge of multiple sciences and engineering disciplines.

Knowledge of the principles of team structure/function and ability to cooperatively participate in and lead a team.

Experience in geologic/hydrogeological principles and/or engineering analysis as applied to groundwater quality investigations, groundwater and aquifer characterization, contaminant fate and transport, design and construction of remediation systems, evaluation of aquifer test data, aquifer sensitivity/vulnerability mapping, and determination of the zones contributing to groundwater supply wells.

State statutes, rules, regulations, guidelines, and policies that pertain to environmental and groundwater protection.

Skill in the application of geologic/hydrogeological principles and/or engineering analysis to effectively and efficiently analyze problems and/or situations involving activities that may threaten, protect, and/or restore groundwater quality.

Skill in the use of personal computers for word processing, database, and spreadsheet applications.

Demonstrated skills or ability in areas of goal and priority setting.

Ability to perform time management.

Ability to communicate (both oral and written) complex issues in a clear, understandable, and non-confrontational manner.

Ability to do public speaking.

Ability to coordinate activities with others.

Ability to work independently or with others as needed.




Bachelor's Degree (in Geology/Geotechnical Engineering)



1-2 years of progressive work experience in Geology with acquired knowledge at the level of a Geologist II


Certificates, Licenses, Registrations:

Professional Geologist License (PG) or Professional Engineering License (PE) at the time of hire. (Wyoming PG or PE required within six months of hire date.)


Necessary Special Requirements


Must be able to deal with all types of inclement weather.

Must be able to hike, and walk over rough terrain.

Must be able to lift and carry up to 25 pounds.

Must be able to travel, including some overnight travel.



FLSA: Exempt

Must have a valid Drivers License.




Posted July 27, 2020

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