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Environmental Engineer - Special Projects

Trainer PA

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Monroe Energy is a fully integrated wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines with approximately 480 employees. As a standalone refinery located in the Philadelphia, PA area, Monroe focuses on safety, reliability and environmental compliance while maximizing jet fuel production, which plays a key role in Delta’s fuel management and overall long term success. Since start-up in 2012, Monroe’s contribution has had a positive impact on Delta's bottom line. Monroe has a unique business model and is a tremendous success.

Monroe is currently looking to fill an Environmental Engineer - Special Projects position. Details regarding this position are noted below.


Key Role Description

The Environmental Engineer is responsible for the day-to-day implementation and administration of legally compliant Environmental Management policies, programs, and best practices at the Trainer Refinery and at MIPC. Performs complex assignments and has sole responsibility for critical environmental programs:

Management and coordination of facility compliance with erosion and sedimentation controls, including:

Management of requirements associated with site NPDES Construction Stormwater Discharge permits.

For construction less than 1 acre, management of requirements associated with Chapter 102 erosion and sedimentation controls.

Works with Projects and Maintenance groups to manage stockpiles of soil associated with activities on-site.

Interfaces with legacy site owners to manage liability issues related to historical site contamination.

Interfaces with legacy site owners related to Environmental Covenant and PADEP Act 2 closure efforts.

Assists with NPDES permit management.

Provides guidance and support for all of the facility’s Environmental Team related to rule knowledge and interpretation.

Reviews outgoing agency submittals and correspondence to ensure appropriate and accurate content.

Keeps current with rule development efforts by regulatory agencies, and works with Environmental Team to ensure development and update, as necessary, of facility programs.


Role Specific Competencies

At Monroe, we have identified nine specific competencies we expect all employees of our organization to possess. These competencies are incorporated as a part of our Selection, Performance Management/Review and Developmental processes. The competencies and activities for this role are detailed below:

Technical Knowledge - demonstrates the specific skills necessary for the assignments, understands the background and points of leverage to be effective in the role.

Assists in establishing policies and programs in support of erosion and sedimentation controls, and on-site soil management

Establishes monitoring and reporting processes for the Chapter 102 NPDES Construction Stormwater Discharge and NPDES compliance programs.

Tracks and reports on environmental compliance performance and assures that all external regulatory reporting is complete and on time.

Provides regular area audits, inspections and assessments ensuring adequate and timely follow-through and implementation of corrections as required.

Oversees monitoring of federal, state, and local regulatory requirements and risk initiatives including analyzing potential impacts on system operations and the community.

Supports and integrates environmental activities and requirements with refinery and MIPC leadership team and all other operational and support areas.

Works hand-in-hand with Operations to help their understanding of compliance limits.

Works hand-in-hand with Maintenance to help their understanding of requirements for disposal


Knowledge of Work Areas and Responsibilities - demonstrates a clear understanding of role and responsibilities within specific area, flexible and agile in adapting to changes or exploring opportunities and challenges.


Represents the Monroe Energy at various industry associations through participation on committees or task teams and keeps up-to-date on best practices on tank and pipeline operations related to air issues.

Assists in budget preparation and tracking, establishing and monitoring progress toward department goals.


Communications - Verbal and Written - includes written and verbal communications, delivers presentations and has good listening skills.

Problem Solving and Conflict Leadership - strives to understand contributing factors, works to resolve complex situations, and helps individuals to resolve conflicts.

Delivering Results - Sense of Urgency - defines appropriate goals, works toward achieving goals, articulates vision and steps for achievement, meets deadlines and provides timely status updates and follow-through.

Teamwork/Cooperation - accountable to team, works to meet established deliverables, appreciates view of team members and is respectful of others.

Initiative - takes action, seeks new opportunities, and strives to see projects to completion.

Work Reliability/Quality - strives to eliminate errors, accurate work is a priority, and seeks opportunities to improve product/services.

Integrity and Trust - honest, accountable, upholds ethics standards and maintains confidentiality.


Experience and Skills:

A minimum of 2 years’ experience in high-risk industry such as refinery/chemical plants and pipelines or equivalent with demonstrated knowledge of environmental legislation and regulations implementation.

Bachelor’s degree in engineering, relevant sciences or specific environmental discipline.

Proficient with Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel.

Demonstrated proficiency in all of Role Specific Competencies.


Apply: http://monroe-energy.atsondemand.com/

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Posted March 15, 2017

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