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Environmental Specialist III

Augusta ME

Close: May 25, 2017

Position Number: 08300-1972


The Department of Environmental Protection is seeking to fill an Environmental Specialist III vacancy in the Bureau of Air Quality in Augusta.


BRIEF JOB DESCRIPTION: This position has the primary functions of data analyst and data management specialist for the Emissions Inventory Section within the Division of Licensing and Compliance. The position will assist with the collection, tabulation and dissemination of air emissions inventory data and will be responsible for data analysis related to emissions inventories, ambient air monitoring, and special projects. Regular data analysis responsibilities include determination and display of outliers and trends, statistical analysis, control charting, and data visualization. Tasks related to data quality assurance and quality control are also frequently completed by this position. Data management tasks include facilitation of databases and laboratory information management systems used to collect and store environmental data as well as report writing.

This position reports to the Emissions Inventory Section Manager and works closely with staff throughout the Air Bureau, including those in ambient air monitoring, lab and quality assurance, air licensing, and compliance and enforcement sections. Technical writing skills are essential to this position along with a strong background in data analysis and the management of large data sets.

For additional information, please contact Stacy Knapp at (207) 441-1611.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: A six-year combination of education and/or experience in environmental, biological, physical science, or engineering which includes two years of environmental experience. Qualifying education must include at least 15 credit hours of science or engineering coursework from an accredited educational institution.


Preference will be given to candidates with the following:

• Experience with data analysis and software such as SAS JMP, MATLAB, and Microsoft Excel.

• Ability to communicate technical information effectively orally and in writing.

• Experience balancing tasks related to multiple projects in a fast-paced work environment.

• Experience coordinating the work of project teams, particularly technical staff working on unique aspects of environmental projects, in order to meet project deadlines.


When filling out the Application be sure to use the full Job Class Code: 9253-EIDM

APPLICATION INFORMATION: Interested applicants need to complete and submit a Direct Hire Application, cover letter and a detailed resume to:

Natural Resources Service Center

Bonnie Gray, HR Manager

155 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333-0155


You may email all of the required documentation to: NRSCdirecthireapplications@maine.gov - OR - you may fax your material to 207-287-2216.

Posted May 8, 2017

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