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Pennsylvania Staff Attorney

Harrisburg PA


Serves as main legal advisor and coordinates legislative affairs on all aspects of State Office policy and advocacy programs. Assists State Office Executive Director with the formulation and implementation of positions on environmental legislation and regulations. Advocates CBF positions to legislators, agencies, business/community, decision makers, and the public. Coordinates State Office legal issues, including litigation, liability, contracting, and lobbying.

Essential functions include:

1. Develop pro-active legal advocacy for laws, regulations, and policies
a. Monitor and respond to regulatory proposals and developments that affect the health of PA waters and the Bay.
b. Interpret codes and statutes, caselaw, state/federal regulations.
c. Lead legal reviews and analysis of permit files.
d. Prepare robust comments on laws, regulations, guidance, policy, permit applications, etc. 
e. Serve as primary PA liaison with special counsel and CBF’s Litigation Department.
f. Explore potential litigation opportunities with PA and departmental senior staff.
g. Assist in preparation of memoranda outlining any proposed litigation, including necessary resources, potential impacts, and anticipated outcomes.
h. Manage PA legal intern program.


2. Support PA CBF legislative and policy priorities
a. With help of the PA office staff, monitor, analyze, develop, and coordinate strategies for advancing legislative and policy goals. 
b. Advocate PA CBF’s position with affected industry/community leaders, government representatives and personnel, peer organizations, and other concerned individuals.
c. Integrate PA efforts with CBF Federal Affairs staff.  
d. Represent PA CBF on state and regional environmental committees and organizations and internal teams


3. Support PA litigation 
a. Work with PA ED, senior EPR, and Litigation staff to assess litigation opportunities in PA.
b. Assist Litigation with preparation of Litigation Memoranda for CBF staff and Board decisions. 
c. Coordinate with Litigation staff in seeking PA Counsel as necessary

4. Support other general legal matters
a. Assist in the preparation and review of contracts, request for proposals, agreements, and other legal items for CBF PA programs.
b. Assure compliance with PA lobbying reporting requirements.


5. Other duties as assigned.



Graduate-level law degree and admission to PA state bar required. At least five years’ experience in negotiation of complex environmental law issues. Experience with non-profit advocacy group(s) preferred. Demonstrated ability to analyze public policy proposals, including the drafting of legislative or regulatory language. Knowledge of state and federal court and lobbying rules, and state General Assembly procedures.


For more information please see the job posting at http://www.cbf.org/about-cbf/jobs-internships/jobs/pennsylvania-staff-attorney.html 


Posted August 9, 2017

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