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Compliance Manager

San Francisco CA

Job purpose/Position summary

The selected candidate will administer NaturEner’s Compliance Programs, functioning as an independent and objective body, reviewing and evaluating compliance issues, concerns, and requirements within the organization as they relate to electric utility regulatory agencies. The primary responsibility is to maintain a compliance program for the Company’s three wind farms and two wind-only Balancing Authorities, monitoring and implementing the applicable NERC and WECC Reliability Standards. These responsibilities may be extended to cover similar functions for third parties for whom NaturEner may provide certain services. Other compliance responsibilities may include compliance related to CAISO, CARB, CEC, CPUC, DOE/EIA and FERC rules and regulations.

The position reports directly to the Chief Legal and Compliance Officer and is responsible for ensuring NaturEner’s Electric and Wind Energy operations, Information/Operating Technology and EMS control systems, and its employees are in compliance with the laws and regulations of the applicable regulatory agencies.


Duties and responsibilities

Work with NaturEner’s IT/OT, Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering groups to ensure compliance with applicable NERC/WECC GO/GOP and BA standards

Manage the development of compliance plans, specifications, and standards for the Electric Generation and Balancing Authority portfolio assets

Manage the development and implementation of certain training materials in compliance with the RRO, State, and Federal requirements for GO, GOP, BA and interconnections

Work with the Chief Legal and Compliance Officer to develop policies, requirements, and guidelines for various utilities operations

Participate in monthly and quarterly regulatory coordination meetings with neighboring utility agencies

Utilize and maintain database programs to track compliance records, training records, and regulatory changes

Maintain compliance artifacts, standards, and work flows in AssurX compliance management system

Conduct annual audits of NaturEner’s Compliance Programs and prepare status reports for senior management

Make recommendations to improve efficiency of NaturEner’s Compliance Programs and resolve issues as they arise

Maintain regular and frequent contact with internal departments; coordinate audit priorities and vendor training, factory monitoring, corrective action, documentation and reporting

Manage Compliance Program budget, schedules, deadlines, and related programs

Plan and assess operational goals and objectives related to NaturEner’s regulatory compliance functions and programs

Develop plans and schedules, identify Subject Matter Experts and other resources, develop and implement strategies, and oversee intra-departmental coordination

Communicate compliance-related issues and risks to executive staff

Work with supervisors and line employees on compliance-related issues, make recommendations, evaluate needs, and provide coaching and training as needed

Maintain and update records for the Compliance Program

Perform other duties as assigned



A minimum of two (2) to five (5) years of related experience in the execution of an electric utility compliance program including NERC and WECC audit participation with demonstrated work in electric utility compliance practices, policies, and procedures set by governing authorities

Must pass an employee background check

Must possess a valid California Class C Driver’s License with the ability to maintain insurability under NaturEner’s vehicle insurance program

Knowledge of Utility Power generation and operating principles

Knowledge of supervisory principles and practices

Project management and scheduling experience

Understanding of various alternative analysis concepts such as cost/benefit, life cycle, etc.

Understanding of Electrical Utility Reliability Standards, concepts, and operations

Bachelor’s degree, NERC Certification, or experience providing comparable expertise desirable

Electrical Engineering background and/or working knowledge of GE EMS control systems a plus



Strong organizational and project management skills; ability to effectively prioritize workflow and stay on top of constantly changing priorities and projects

Ability to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and standards in coordination with the Company’s Subject Matter Experts and other staff

Strong problem-solving skills and sound decision-making abilities

Strong communication skills; ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing

Strong interpersonal skills; ability to develop and maintain good relationships with others

Strong data processing, spreadsheet, and computer skills as they relate to reporting, system planning, and analysis


Location/Working conditions

Position is based in San Francisco, California

Position is on-call or available for call-out

Occasional travel required (<10%)


Physical requirements

Required to use a computer for extended periods of time

Required to sit for long periods of time


Apply for this position at careers@naturener.us

Posted November 30, 2017

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