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Environmental Scientist Specialist - Basic

Roswell NM

Job ID: 105903


Why does the job exist?

This position is responsible for conducting inspections of petroleum storage tanks at retail and other fueling facilities to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and to reduce the potential for the release of petroleum contaminants into the environment and to protect human health. This position is also responsible for supporting implementation and tracking of federal and state reporting requirements.


How does it get done?

The responsibilities of this position is to conduct inspections of petroleum storage tank systems at regulated facilities; know the requirements of the Petroleum Storage Tank Regulations (20.5 NMAC) and guiding federal regulations, national codes and standards, and the technical aspects of petroleum storage tank systems; educate owners and operators of petroleum storage tank systems in the requirements to promote compliance.


Who are the customers?

This position interacts with tank owners and operators and their representatives on a daily basis to promote compliance. In addilion, this position requires coordinating with various stakeholders including the public, industry, consultants, bureau staff and other state, federal and local regulatory agencies.


Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate is familiar with petroleum storage tank systems including ancillary equipment as well as the applicable regulations, codes and standards or at a minimum, mechanically inclined and able to learn. In addition, the ideal candidate has strong communication skills that support educating tank owners and operators to achieve compliance with the regulations. The ideal candidate works well independently, diligent with documentation and is organized.


Minimum Qualification

Bachelor's degree in Physical, Natural, or Environmental Science, Soil Science, or Engineering.


For a full description and to apply: http://www.spo.state.nm.us/

Posted May 13, 2019

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