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Deputy Director

Bellingham WA

About the Pipeline Safety Trust

The Pipeline Safety Trust is a nationally known, widely respected non-profit organization that works to protect people and the environment from the hazards of pipelines.

Position Description

The Deputy Director will work collaboratively with the current Executive Director for a period of at least 6 months, with the expectation that the Deputy Director will transition to the position of Executive Director. The Executive Director oversees and participates in day-to-day organizational management and operations, fields media requests, engages with regulators and pipeline industry representatives, serves on pipeline safety rulemaking and technical standards committees, testifies at hearings, drafts contracts and grant applications, and performs communications outreach aimed at multiple stakeholder groups.

During the transition period, the Deputy Director will report directly to the Board of Directors and become familiar with the advocacy work of the organization as well as the above-described day-to-day management and operations.

Salary Range & Benefits:  Base salary in the range of $70-90k depending on qualifications and experience. Full benefits including medical and dental insurance, paid vacation and sick leave, and retirement plan.

Location:  The location for this position is in Bellingham, Washington.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelors degree in an appropriate field
  • Commitment to improving pipeline safety
  • Experience in public speaking and traditional and social media communications
  • Ability to communicate technical information to diverse audiences
  • Ability to build networks across sometimes oppositional constituencies
  • Management and/or leadership experience
  • Willingness to travel throughout the U.S. and Canada
  • Aptitude and computer skills for data analysis

Desired Qualifications:

  • Advanced degree in an appropriate field
  • Experience in an executive level position, ideally in a non-profit organization
  • Knowledge of the pipeline and energy industries
  • Familiarity with state and federal regulatory processes
  • Experience in fund development (e.g., fundraising, grant writing)
  • Sense of humor

Application Requirements:  To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter, a writing sample of modest length, and a written response of no more than two pages that describes your current understanding of the safety of pipelines in the U.S., why you think safety needs to be improved, and how your desires and qualifications will help make those improvements. 

Please email applications to jobs@pstrust.org. This position will remain open until the position is filled. We will begin our review of applications in mid-October. The anticipated start time for the position is between January – March 2020.  More info at: http://pstrust.org/deputy-director-job-announcement/

Posted September 3, 2019

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