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Environmental Technician/Industrial or Occupational Hygiene Field Technician

Kailua HI

HIES is searching for a motivated individual to work as an Environmental Technician/Industrial or Occupational Hygiene Field Technician. This opening will either be a full or part time position. Advancement opportunities are available but are performance-based.


Basic Requirements:

  • Must be willing to work all hours
  • Must have own vehicle and current driver’s license and insurance (work at Kailua Hawaii office)
  • Able to lift up to 50 lbs
  • Have or have the ability to pass necessary certifications
  • Must pass background check for US Government Projects
  • Good communication skills
  • Must possess computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel and email functions.
  • Individual must be motivated to take on new challenges with a desire to become a leader.
  • Technical knowledge in the basics of science and technology (e.g. water parameters from pH to salinity, soil sciences, report writing, etc.).
  • Proper note taking and report writing ability.


Job Duties:

  • Inspect, test, and evaluate workplace environments, equipment, and practices to ensure they follow safety standards and government regulations
  • Collect samples of potentially toxic materials such as asbestos, lead, PCB, or mold.
  • Work with occupational health and safety specialists to fix hazardous and potentially hazardous conditions or equipment
  • Evaluate programs on workplace safety and health
  • Educate employers and workers about workplace safety
  • Report writing



A high school diploma is required. An associate’s degree or certificate from a community college or vocational school is helpful. Prior job experience and certifications are helpful.



Technician will be required to become familiar with standard laws and procedures. The Field Technician will learn about hazard recognition, specific laws, inspection procedures, and testing parameters. On-the-job training to familiarize the technician with specific work environments will be provided. Generally, all required training certifications, i.e. 40hrs HazWoper, CPR and F-Aide and etc., will be paid by the employer.





Please send resume to: Hawaii@hiesinc.com

Posted November 22, 2019

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