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Field Scientist/Engineer

Paducah KY

Environmental 360 is currently seeking a full-time field scientist/engineer in Paducah, Kentucky; however, since Environmental 360 provides an array of environmental consulting services to clients all across the United States, this position could also be involved in projects in other geographical areas.

Environmental 360, Inc. is an environmental consulting firm with locations and client sites throughout the United States providing environmental, health and safety, and natural resource consulting services for nearly 10 years. Team members of Environmental 360 possess some of the best values, character, and work ethic in our field. Team members are expected to be motivated and self-starters. We believe in delivering cost-effective, turnkey projects that provide peace of mind to our clients.

The primary role of the field scientist/engineer is to perform monthly, quarterly, and annual environmental compliance inspections, particularly LDAR and SPCC, in large industrial and manufacturing facilities in the Kentucky region, to complete necessary reporting for these inspections, and to assist in the development of compliance plans. The field scientist/engineer will also be the primary communicator with the clients in those facilities; therefore, he or she must possess professional communication skills and customer service. This position is also expected to assist with business development and marketing of all Environmental 360 services. Overnight and day travel is required depending on clients’ schedules. In addition to the field work, there will also be administrative duties required with project field notes, monthly/quarterly/annual reports, compliance plans, expense reports, and time sheets.


Persons interested in this position must possess or be able to perform the following:

Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, Engineering, or related field is preferred but not required

Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel

Ability to adhere to the admission requirements of specific client sites

Effectively follow safety procedures of Environmental 360 and specific client sites

Ability to work outdoors in extreme climates and potentially hazardous environments

Drive to and from industrial sites throughout the region and potentially across the nation

Climb and carry loads up ladders and steps

Walk long distances to complete inspections

Basic knowledge and understanding of EPA regulations and environmental compliance



Please mention how you learned of this opening.

Posted May 19, 2020

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