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Environmental Bureau Chief

Santa Fe NM

Job ID: 112259


Why does the job exist?

This position oversees and manages the Oil Conservation Division's (OCD) Environmental Bureau, including the Administrative Permitting Programs, the Environmental Incidents Program, and the Environmental Inspections Program to ensure OCD goals and objectives are met. This position primarily will: assign and directly supervise the work of the Environmental Bureau; interview and recommend selection of applicants; conduct training of personnel; act upon leave requests, conduct performance evaluations, and administer disciplinary actions. This position will also have the expertise to: Coordinate and implement OCD programs with OCD staff to ensure that they meet legal requirements; advise senior management on legal and management issues, policies and rules, and have in-depth familiarity with the Oil and Gas Act and Rules and the Water Quality Act and Rules.


How does it get done?

This position will oversee and manage the OCD Environmental Bureau Personnel, and oversee and manage the OCD Environmental Bureau's Administrative Permitting Program, Environmental Incidents Program, and Environmental Inspections Program.


Who are the customers?

This job supports the oil and gas industry, other state and federal agencies and the general public.


Ideal Candidate

Experience in environmental compliance

Management experience

Oil and gas experience


Minimum Qualification

A Bachelor's Degree in any field of study from an accredited college or university and eight (8) years of professional level experience with a light strategic impact directly related to the purpose of the position defined by the agency at the time of recruitment. Substitutions Apply. See Substitution Table below. A hiring agency will designate a portion of the required experience to include management, supervisory and/or specialized experience. Any required licensure, certification or registration shall be defined at the time of recruitment and will be in addition to the above requirements.


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Posted June 22, 2020

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