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Outdoor Education Instructor 2017/18 School Year

Big Bear City CA


  • Work in the mountains of Southern California teaching elementary students!
  • Two shifts available, with instructors moving back and forth between both of them.
  • Field Instructors take students on hikes during the day and teach about ecology and teamwork.
  • Cabin Instructors supervise students overnight and sleep in cabins in the forest.
  • Schedule is traditional school year, Monday through Friday, with weekends and school holidays off.
  • Continuing education to help you become a better teacher.


  • $65-$190 a day
  • Room and board
  • Health insurance
  • A job that makes you laugh on a regular basis.

Big job, fun place, fantastic community of young and energetic educators. Smack dab in the middle of the San Bernardino National Forest near Big Bear Lake, CA. Residential outdoor education center for elementary students in southern California seeks educator to join our crew of tree hugging earth lovers as they work to open the eyes of city based kids to the wonders and beauty of nature.

Interviewing now for the 2017/18 school year!

OUR PROGRAM IS UNIQUE IN CALIFORNIA! We are a small, upstart company who managed to jump into the (relatively...) big leagues of outdoor education. We believe we can make a difference, make a living, and be happy all at the same time. We walk the fine line of telling you what to do and encouraging you to take ownership in the program.

OUR CORNER OF THE COUNTRY IS PRETTY DARN COOL! We are based in Big Bear, the coolest mountain town in Southern California; no other outdoor ed center is based here. From mountains to deserts to beaches, with a little small town atmosphere close by and a lot of big city amenities within a couple of hours...pretty nice...

OUR WEBSITE TELLS IT ALL! Need more details? Want so many details you'll be overwhelmed? Head over to dirtyclassroom.com and you'll see why we believe we're the most progressive place in the country.

Staff Information: http://dirtyclassroom.com/staff/

We keep you learning: http://dirtyclassroom.com/dirticulum/

Posted May 9, 2017

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