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Instructor/Naturalist - Stone Environmental School

Mount Washington Valley NH

Stone Environmental School is a residential outdoor education center for middle school groups of students from districts and schools all across New England. We have been providing environmental ed programs for school groups for 60 years. We have a very successful and professional reputation; all staff members grow significantly in their teaching skills and content knowledge areas and most refer to their time at Stone as one of the highlights of their teaching careers, truely, a "leg-up"experience. We are located at the southern end of the Mount Washington Valley in the White Mountains region of New Hampshire, a truly beautiful place on this planet.

Typically, each week, a group of 80-100 middle school students will arrive at our facilities in the foothills of the White Mountains of NH on Monday or Tuesday, move into the dormitories on site, eat meals in the dining hall, and in small groups of ten, attend field lessons each morning, afternoon and evening through to Friday afternoon. The staff of eight to ten instructors teach/lead the field study lessons: group dynamics and sensory awareness, forest and wetlands ecology, natural history, and more. Staff will team teach some of the lessons. Visit our web site at http://www.stoneenvironmentalschool.org/

Fantastic on-site areas are available to explore with students. Over 1000 acres of beautiful upland forest and bountiful wetlands with heaths, bogs, and ponds, active beaver lodges, loons, herons, carnivorous plants, and much more. Quality residential facilities for staff and students alike. Fall session, Sept 16 to Oct 26th. A 6-day training session, then weekly groups. Training/ Room & Board/ $375/wk.

Send letter of interest and resume to Dave Freese at sesne@megalink.net; phone: 207-653-0273

Posted September 11, 2018

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