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Environmental Educator at Fenton Ranch

Albuquerque NM

Fenton Ranch is Manzano Day School's environmental education facility in the Jemez Mountains, located in a beautiful canyon 80 miles north of Albuquerque. Fenton Ranch offers many lessons and activities that encourage growth for youth ages 5 to 11, such as exploring nature, fishing, hiking, canoeing, as well as arts and crafts. These experiences help to foster respect and an appreciation for the natural world. Fenton Ranch encourages youth to grow as an individual by facilitating experiences that foster independence, self-confidence, and creative thinking. The mission of the Fenton Ranch program is to provide all students with yearly environmental education experiences.


Position Responsibilities:

Lead and facilitate a variety of environmental science lessons.

Lead and facilitate a variety of outdoor activities, such as: canoeing, hiking, archery, camping, campfires, noncompetitive games, fishing, and exploring.

Lead and supervise a variety of residential camp activities, such as: meal time, clean-up activities, journaling, free time activities, craft projects, and bedtime.

Complete logistical and maintenance requests, as needed.

Play, laugh, and share in the joy of learning with very enthusiastic youth.


A complete and more detailed job description can be found here.


Please submit cover letter and resume to Stephanie Kichler at skichler@manzanodayschool.org.

Posted November 29, 2018

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