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Assistant Naturalist

Mamaroneck NY

Position will be filled 2021. Positions canceled for 2020 season

The position will begin at the end of March. This is a seasonal position.


General Description:

The Marine Education Center in Mamaroneck, NY is looking for an Assistant Naturalist with interest and experience in scientific outreach and education. The Assistant Naturalist will be responsible for leading marine science related education programs with students, campers and aquarium guests, facility maintenance (aquaria, live animals, scientific equipment, education spaces, etc.), collecting live animals from the field, regularly interacting with guests and developing new and exciting marine science education experiences and programs.



Degree in a biology, marine science, environmental science, environmental studies or related field (applicants without a finished degree can be considered if the applicant possesses relevant teaching/scientific experience or coursework).

Education/teaching experience, preferably in both indoor and outdoor settings and preferably with a variety of age groups (K-12).

Excellent communication skills for interacting with adult aquaria guests, young aquaria guests, visiting students, visiting teachers, visiting campers, visiting program directors, coworkers, interns, etc.

Experience with working with and handling live marine animals and maintaining live animals in aquaria.

Experience with collecting live animals in the field in adverse weather and environmental conditions.

Experience with identifying local fauna and flora is preferred but can be substituted via demonstration of proper identification skills.

Experience with data management and Microsoft software.

While professional art experience is not required, the applicant should be confident in preparing and implementing basic art-centric marine science programs.

While formal marine science research experience is not required, the applicant should be familiar with standard marine science research related equipment (plankton nets, seine nets, quadrats, microscopes, refractometers, YSI, dissection kits, etc.)

Preference will be given to those applicants with significant scientific outreach experience, particularly for applicants who have experience in independently developing scientific education and outreach lessons and programs.


Considerations/Possible Duties:

The applicant should be comfortable with leading education programs by his/her/their self.

The applicant should be comfortable working in adverse weather conditions and should also possess proper outdoor/foul weather attire.

The applicant should possess above average swimming skills and should be comfortable getting in the water for animal collection and during program activities such as seining.

The applicant should be comfortable with opening and closing the marine education center facilities independently when the head naturalist has other manners to attend to.

The applicant will be expected to perform dissections on a variety of animals (fish, squid, bivalves, etc.), some of which may be live and will be expected to perform live animal feedings.

The applicant may be asked to attend outreach programs at nearby (>10 miles) locations (camp programs, schools, libraries, etc.) and should therefore have reliable transportation.

The applicant may be asked to perform extensive marine facility cleaning projects and should therefore be able to lift at least 50 pounds and should not be squeamish (as equipment such as aquaria tend to accumulate unpleasant organic matter).

The applicant may be asked to direct and mentor high school interns and should therefore possess the proper leadership and communication skills and experience necessary to act as a leader for high school interns.


This highly demanding, but rewarding, job best fits individuals who work well independently and as part of a team. Candidates must demonstrate problem solving skills, time and group management skills, and enthusiasm for education and the environment. Candidate will be expected to work weekends.


How to Apply:

Please email Cover letter and resume to Kyle Troy at ktroy@vomny.org

If you have any other questions, please contact Kyle or visit our website at www.marineeducationcenter.org

Posted July 23, 2020

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