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Geologist Manager, Environmental Programs

Baltimore MD

Division Chief, Source Protection & Water Appropriation

The Geologist Manager, Environmental Programs, manages a team of Geologists, Regulatory and Compliance Engineers, Natural Resource Planners and administrative support staff that plan, develop and implement program elements that:


  • Manage the State water resources through technical review and analysis of geology and hydrogeology of aquifers and streams prior to issuance of a Water Appropriation and Use permit;
  • Assist local governments in planning for and protecting drinking water sources;
  • Assess the vulnerability of surface and groundwater sources to various contaminants;
  • Routinely collaborates with the Maryland Geologic Survey and the United States Geologic Survey;
  • Evaluates the capacity of water system sources to meet system demands; and in general;
  • Ensures the wise use, conservation, protection and sustainability of Maryland’s water resources and contributes to preserving the safety and adequacy of Maryland’s water supply systems.



The policies and decisions of this Division affect the health and safety of Maryland residents, and impact the health of aquatic eco-systems, as the use and availability of water is necessary for sustaining life. As the Division Chief, this position may represent the Division, Program, Administration, or Agency on interstate river basin workgroups, interagency task forces, planning of new studies, or project leadership in highly visible or controversial projects.   

This is a management position and serves at the pleasure of the Appointing Authority.



Education:  A Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in Geology, Environmental Geology or a related earth science.

Experience:  Seven years of experience performing professional geological work, two years of this experience must have involved one or more of the following: the supervision of a professional environmental staff or environmental project, overseeing and coordinating the general operations of a unit, or exercising responsibility for the development of policies or procedures. 

Note:  Candidates may substitute the possession of a Master's degree from an accredited college or university in Geology, Environmental Geology or a related earth science for the required education and 1 year of the required experience.  



It is preferred that the selected candidate has the following:


  • Experience developing Maryland Water Appropriation and Use Permits;
  • Strong written and oral communications skills;
  • Experience in leadership, ability to plan, organize, direct and manage multiple projects to meet strict deadlines;
  • Must possess strong analytical, problem solving and critical thinking skills.



Employees in this classification may be assigned duties that require the operation of a motor vehicle.  Employees assigned such duties will be required to possess a valid motor vehicle operator's license. 

Apply: https://www.jobapscloud.com/MD/sup/bulpreview.asp?R1=21&R2=001037&R3=0001

For questions regarding this recruitment, please contact the Tammy Lewis/MDE Recruitment and Examination Division at 410-537- 3130.

Posted February 17, 2021

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